Jing Tea haul

Jing Tea Haul


  • Jasmine pearls 75g
  • Silver needle 50g
  • Yellow gold 10g
  • Organic jade sword 50g
  • 1990s Royal cooked Puerh 10g

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CHVRCHES live at The Forum

CHVRCHES @ The Forum

Didn’t stay for the whole show but yeah, here’s the photos:

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Gargh drunk man photo

Gargh drunk man photo (44/365)

By far my best / worst photo I’ve taken. Looking back at this it made me chuckle, this was part of my 365 project and was one of my “nearly missed a day” shots as I was stuck in a work event with no camera at hand, arriving at 11 ish and pretty drunk I had to improvise. The results was this shot… 

and this is why I’ll never do another 365. No more

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Lost balls

By far the best quote ever

Also read this article, very fun if you saw Street Fighter the movie


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My Old Place

My Old Place

Recommended by someone from work a while back, they compared it to Ba Shan but cheaper and bigger portions. Taste wise there are times where one would trump the other but I would probably say they’re both pretty damn good. 

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Twitch play Pokemon

So much trolling involved. No way will they finish the Safari
Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on www.twitch.tv


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Think this was my first gig in 2014? I’ve yet to use my QuickDraw to change lenses. No covers tonight.

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Food people and wine people

Homeslice @ Covent GardenWas having a conversation tonight about food people or drink people:

Food people being the type who venture out in tasting new things and have a good sense of what is good and what isn’t. They take pride in sharing their latest favourites and are not afraid of rocking tap water to subsidise on food.

Drink people essentially focus more on drinking and less fussy about what food they cram down their mouth holes. Quality usually isn’t a bother so finding a place with alcohol is pretty easy for them, even if they’re being charged loads.

They’re pretty basic generalisation of folks and there are obviously some who sit on the fence. Slowly went through all my friends and figured out a majority of them are “food people”, that makes me happy considering I’m a food person myself.

So yeah, food.

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