Muse Meetup 22nd November 2006

Right, part 2 of this epic epic journey haha. This was a mixture of the worst day ever imagined and the best gig ever imagined. Twas somewhere randomly in the middle as a day in general. Having said that, the gig and afterwards sort of made up everything for the day.

Managed to wake up quite shabbily at Earls Court hotel, Steph and Kaz complained about my snoring haha, though I think its all lies. That or I snore if I sleep on my back, i usually sleep like a puppy, all quiet and all (i breathe through my mouth). So yeah, confused about that. Everyone was pretty much getting ready for the second installment. I had to head back home to recharge my batteries and upload all my photos from the previous night onto my computer etc. I felt like I wouldnt be able to survive if i didnt have my batteries charged or my photos uploaded to free up space haha. It was fun. But yeah, left the Hotel and went straight back home.

Charging up
Got myself a nice yummy sausage roll to eat, didnt have much food to eat beforehand so it was best to start eating again haha. Once I got home I did all the stuff I was intending to do; charge my phone, charge my iRiver, charge my camera batteries and upload the photos onto the board. Kaz and Steph were going to random places such as Gatwick and Kaz’s house and all. Sounds pretty boring to me (no GBK or Nandos) so I stayed well away from all that action. Most of the time was just spent lounging about at home. I read up on some lecture notes and posted on the message board.

Today I was suppose to bring my mate Jason to the Wembley gig, but it turns out he had an interview then, and also had another interview tommorow. Jason wasn’t really too keen on going to the gig as it turns out, he was only going to be polite and because he had initially promised to go. Seeing that he wasnt too keen on the idea I told him I’d take someone else to sit with me for the gig, and that happened to be Steph. She was complained about her back and the fact that it was aching from last night. So perhaps seating would have been better for her tonight (if she were to survive another night in a row haha). So yeah, I told her to find places to sell ticket and that I’d invite her as my plus one guest for the Muse gig.

Horrible food
Where we met and ate before the gig was horrible. The sheer lateness of everything ruined a perfectly fine day haha. We could have went to Wagamamas or something fancy but since Kaz and Steph were SO late, I had to dine in the worst place imagineable, yes you’ve guess it… Mc Donalds *shudders*.

I usually boycott the place unless I have a super craving for it or I’m stuck with that as the only option. This time it was the latter. Upon entering Mc Donalds you can instantly smell that typical stench that is Mc Donalds. I think most of it comes from the frying oil and fries haha. Doubt that burgers generate a smell that pungent. Anyway, I thought; since I’m going to Mc Donalds, I best buy something decent rather then spend £4 on some stupid Big Mac meal where most of the contents of the burger is just cardboard haha. So I went and purchased the “Premier Chicken Burger Meal”. The chicken burger wasnt that bad I must say, though the chips and drinks were probably typical of Mc Donalds, too much syrup and too much salt and fat on the fries haha. I had to eat it though, I was starving, was hoping to actually save up for a decent meal but it was simply far too late to find alternatives (the closest was a Chinese resturant, but the noodles were about £7 a dish, no way was I spending that sort of money on just Noodles, it’d better have scallops and stuff if I were to fork out that kinda money haha). So yeah, munching on the burger and waiting for Steph and Kaz. It was disturbingly long. They took forever haha. This meant yet another time where we’ll miss the infamous Noisettes haha. Ah well.

About 30 minutes later Steph, Kaz and Jon arrived. Pretty late haha. Kaz also brought some of her friends along. Forgot their names but they were pretty decent people. Everyone had their food, bantered and bam, it was time for some Wembley action.

Back at Wembley Arena
Wembley ArenaWe weren’t too late this time I must say, the Mc Donalds was located pretty close to Wembley Arena so we were able to make it in time (to see a bit of the Noisettes). We (me and Stephie) said our goodbyes to Kaz and co as we went to the guest list office to claim our tickets (well, my tickets haha). Same as yesterday, the tickets were normal guest tickets without aftershow, you can also see the aftershow passes and everything haha.

The seats this time were AMAZING, probably the best seats out of the 3 nights (as well as the other seats I’ve had prior to Wembley). We were ridiculously close to the set as well as a bonus of sitting behind Gaia (more on that later).

Noisettes So yeah, Noisettes werent that bad, quite a funky band and all, I heard from Stephie that the bassist stage dived during one of the gigs and everyone moved back which caused him to land splat on the ground, not sure what happened but Muse weren’t too happy about it haha. So anyway, Noisettes played and we watched a bit of it.

After a bit of waiting around and talking (not to mention Stephie getting some alcohol for the show (free for me since I invited her haha) I was ready to record the show and all. This time I was all ready and prepared… all ready to press record , the settings were fine tuned, the mic was nicely clipped on, everything was fine… ALL BUT ONE THING

(… this is where we zoom into Steph, who’s probably at this moment drinking a Smirnoff, its one of those shots where it constantly zooms in, in a sort of stuttering motion with some sinister stacatto notes you only see in movies…)

Stephie Banter
Yeah, I forgot to tell Steph to keep quiet during the gig, so the whole concert was recorded nice and dandy ALONG with some ongoing commentary from Stephie haha. The things we both say are hilerious. Especially when Steph goes (finds song)…


GaiaDuring one point of the gig we also managed to catch Gaia from behind, seems like she was sitting right in front of us during the gig, I managed to take a quick snapshot of her. One of the funniest things I said to Stephie during the gig (which you can hear in the recording) is “Matt’s touched her, and done stuff to her”. Was proper wrong haha. She’s a nice girl though, sometimes a bit lost and all but nice nonetheless, at the end of the gig she was looking at us very intently to listen to what we were saying about dear Matthew hehe.

The setlist was proper awesome, they performed Blackholes and Revelations in order of the CD again, as well as greatest hits from the other 3 albums. It seems like its one of those albums that you can pull off with.

So yeah, the gig was awesome, I recorded a few videos as well as took shed loads of photos. The seats were alot better then before (closer to the band) so the photos are a bit more decent looking and all.

ChrisMattMatt againBalloons

This is where things start going crazy, as soon as the gig finishes, I was hoping to go home and relax so I can get ready for the Nandos action the day after. However, Kaz and Steph wanted to see Tom (and hopefully get into the aftershow and all). So yeah, uhm… I took them to the place where you queue up for aftershows. Twas pretty funny, we just had to wait until Tom appeared so we could ask for passes. We were literally waiting outside of the party itself rather then in some random corridor. Steph and Kaz were chatting up the security guards about why they like the job and everything. Eventually we saw Tom, and he said he’ll TRY and get us passes, so yeah, we goes inside the party for “tickets” haha.

During the wait I also met someone I knew, Anthony, he owns Channel Fly (Barfly and all) and said that he MIGHT have two extra passes!! So yeah, he went inside and tried asking for them, I was pretty excited that he was trying to help me get in and all. Though the painful thing was… who to give the passes to; Steph or Kazzie?

Aftershow again!?!?!
I pretty much made them decide over it as I didnt want to get into this decision. Though luckily, Anthony didnt have any, seems like his mate alreaady gave them away, so we were stuck outside with no passes and Tom still inside the aftershow and all. FORTUNATELY, Some people came out of the party and ripped their passes out to hand out to us. Was pretty awesome, we managed to quickly attach the band together with good old chewing gum and that was it. We got in… and I got in for the second time.

At the aftershow, I dunno if it was a good idea to actually bring them in and all haha, they were pretty gormless haha. Nowt much to do when the band arent there and Tom’s talking to random people. The aftershow was held in the opposite room this time, it didnt feature any crazy Muse logo or album art, had no music, and the alcohol was ultra expensive (water was £1.90). I managed to say hello to Tom again and told him how I managed to get myself in haha, he was pretty amazed at my abilities to blag myself into aftershows (they dont call my crazy bob for nothing haha). I managed to talk to alll sorts of people, including Anthony who I managed to say thank you for trying to get us passes, he introduced me to some lady who was going out with the Marketing guy off NME, we had a nice chat and all, she was pretty friend (think because of the alcohol though haha) and she then introduced me to Nick New, the marketing head of NME. We had a chat as well as he said we should keep in contact and all (should email him now), he could get me some passes or something haha.

Steph and KazAt this point, I think Steph and Kaz were just wondering around the aftershow party like lost puppies haha, they even interrupted me during me conversation with Nick New (tut tut). So yeah, forgot what happened afterwards, think Chris entered the buliding and everything. Chris’ parents was there (as well as his wife). I managed to say hello to Chris again and he wondered how I managed to get into the aftershow this time haha. I said hello to his mum and everything was proper awesome :D.

This is where things go all fan girlish haha. Steph and Kaz were DYING for me to introduce Chris to them haha. They were like crazy fans haha. The things they said were cringeworthy haha. They took photos with Chris as well as getting him to sign stuff (hardly anyone gets the band to sign stuff during these aftershows). Steph still cant stop going on and on about how she touched Chris’ head haha… not to mention Kaz cant stop phoning people up without going “Guess where I was today? Muse aftershow, and I met Chris” haha. One point it was like…

“If Kaz talks about aftershow one more time, I’m going to…”

“Guess where I went to last night? The muse aftershow!”


Think that was about it, we lounged about the aftershow a bit longer and then headed off baack home. Before I left, I managed to say hello to Tom’s brother, not to mention say goodbye to Chris and everyone else. Was quite an awesome aftershow, I felt like I’m really in with the aftershows, speaking to loads of random people and all haha.

Oh, there was this really random man who was posing throughout the aftershow, no idea what his purpose was, but he kept staring at me and posing when I took photos… heres a photo of him…

Random person

He reminded me one of those people in films who were ultra confusing, but had greater wisedom or power hidden deep inside them… kinda like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, knows more then what you think but looks like a proper ponce. I tried talking to him but didnt really understand what he was saying, the guy just poses…. I might need to decipher what he was trying to say some day.

Kaz and Steph drove me back to Steph’s hotel room where I was greeted with an awesome single bed all to myself (while the other two slept together) haha, awesome!!!

I played them the gig on Steph’s ipod speakers, and showed a few rare tracks from Muse. I think the rest of the night also involved alot of phone calls to people talking about the aftershow (most of them were received calls though, so I’ll give them that haha).

Had another long chat with Steph before we went to sleep, this time I forgot what we talked about haha. But it was nice and long though.

Got some sleep, and was ready for the final night of Muse

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