Muse Meetup 23rd November 2006

Also dubbed the “Nandos Meetup”. Kev assigned himself as team leader for this meetup since I wasnt about on the muse board on Wednesday so people were slightly confused as to what was going on. Kev did ring me up the night before asking when we should hold the meetup and all. Twas fun how he wanted to team lead it and everything haha.

Earls Court Hotel lounging
Anyway, the day starts off with me waking up in my nice single bed at Earls Court haha. Enjoyed having a bed all to myself, and I also enjoyed the fact that I could take a shower in their hotel room too (after Stephie haha). My boiler in my house was broken so I couldn’t really take a bath or shower there, so thank god there was a shower there haha, Can’t goto the muse gig smelling like alcohol and emo kids haha.

Shower was refreshing, stole Steph or Kaz’s shampoo and condition (Brilliant Brunette, i did feel like one too!). Think I stole whatever I saw in the shower haha. I accidently left one of my magnet bracelet on the side of the bathroom when I exited the bathroom. Around that time Steph was still prancing around and getting ready. Guys take about 1 or 2 minutes to get changed (2 being the most for a guy, ever). So I was able to sit around and play with Kaz’s Canon 350d camera haha (Did a bit of that last night too).

During the whole getting changed period, Inn phoned up several times, she was getting closer and closer to Earls Court so Steph or Kaz had to meetup with her in case she gets lost and all. I cant remember what I was doing, most likely packing up ready to get back home and everything. Inn got a bit lost and even ended up walking the opposite direction in Earls Court and all. She managed to find her way and all from very useful landmarks (Nandos and KFC) and eventually met up with Steph (who JUST managed to get ready and all (rushed version anyway)) to escort her back to the room.

One of the first things I’ve noticed about Inn was that she wore a hat. That was quite funny hahah, since everyone stopped wearing them ahaha. But anyway, said hello to inn for a bit. Bummed about for a bit in the room and headed off back to home.

Back at home
Not sure what I did when I was at home, did the usual battery recharging stuff as well as banter about on the Muse board. I was yet again pretty relaxed from everything. Think I listened to the Muse recordings a bit too. Didnt do too much at home but somehow I get the feeling I was lounging about in my room way longer then people thought. I did book reservations for Nandos, was pretty awesome booking a large table for everyone haha, I reported back to Kev in case he had already booked a table, but turns out he’s done nowt. Eventually, Inn phoned me a few times wondering where I was, so I guess that was the call for me to head off. Took the tube straight to TCR. Was quite a quick journey I must say, I miss using the tube for prolonged uses (ie owning a a week tube travel card).

Random synths, sushi and crazy car problems
I managed to meet up Inn and Steph at Sound Control. Was pretty glad (but it WAS kinda predictable) that they were sitting around there, I was able to piss about on the synths like I usually do. As soon as I got to the bottom floor of Virgin Megastores, I instantly homed myself to the synths, had a quick jam and sighed, knowing that I had to be polite and meet up with Inn and Steph haha. Them two managed to spend their time pissing about at the PostSecret gallery. I did want to go and all but my iRiver wasnt fully charged then so it wasnt a good idea haha.

Upon meeting Inn and Steph, I heard bad news about Kaz’s car being towed away, was quite a shock I must say. The amount she had to pay was crazy (£200). It was to a point where Kaz wasnt able to goto Nandos, as well as seeing Muse. Inn managed to persuade her to try her hardest to come back to Wembley and all though.

Me playing take a bowAfter a quick banter and chat at the good old Costa Cafe down at Soundcontrol it was time to head off, but not until I showed Steph and Inn some of my keyboarding skills haha.

I managed to play both Take a Bow and Hoodoo, I used some random E Piano sound instead of the Grand Piano (couldnt find it) and it was pretty nice, Hoodoo in particular. I did some thrilly bit at the top where I kinda play two notes and just twiddle around throughout. Sounds pretty nice. I managed to kinddda play Space Dementia but Inn dragged me out so we can eat at Wasabi.

Wasabi FoodWasabi was a delight as usual. I really wanted to get some Yaki Soba but knew what was planned later on haha. So I got two prawn nigiri’s, 2 California rolls and some random rolls that had fried prawns. I also bought a packet of Wasabi (skipped the soy sauce). I cant remember what Inn bought but she did choose quite alot too, most of them were maki rolls which was a bit silly (since the Nigris were obviously better value and all).

We didn’t eat them at the restaurant since we were running a bit late so we took them to go. Our next stop was BACK to Earls Court. I think people had to drop off their stuff or something, but nonetheless, we had to meetup with people etc. Apparently, there was an accident at Earls Court, which meant the Picadilly line was closed and the district line was delayed quite a bit. We were aware that Kev was in London and was heading over to Earls Court. We managed to get him to stop at South Kensington rather then Earls Court (since he was on the Circle Line anyway and it didnt stop at Earls Court). The guy announcing stuff at South Kengsinton had a rastafarian accent, not sure why but I just random spoke to Kev on the phone with that accent as well, was bored and everything.

Meeting more people
Eventually, Kev managed to arrive at South Kengsington in one piece, immediately Inn was taking photos of him with Kaz’s Canon 350d (ah, thats another reason why we had to go back, drop that off and everything). Strangely, kev was caught reading this…

This was him using his news paper to shoo Inn away, he was on the phone at the time and Inn thought it would be funny to have a camera frenzy on him. Did not go down so well I must say.

So after all that dilly dallying, we were sort of on track to where we were going. We took the district line to Earls Court and went straight back to hotel (this was where I was able to get my bracelet back haha). Everyone wanted to look at Kev’s room (just to see if his room is cooler then Steph’s as well as us knowing what room number he was in). His room was small and depressinng. Was perfect for your typical room youths would book after running away from home so that they can slit their wrists and listen to some emo music… hope Kev didnt do that. At one point, kev came into Steph’s room going “has anyone managed to lock themselves out of their room yet?”. Was probably one of the best lines kev’s said on that day. Bless him.
After a nice long banter at the hotel rooms we were running VERY late for Nandos. (I think we were out of the room at about 6 (yup, people were entering Wembley Arena whilst we were still waiting to head to Nandos and everything)).
We went straight to Earls Court to catch the train to Wembley Central (which was closer to Nandos compared to Wembley Park). At this time, B managed to have finished her college, get back home, get changed and all that stuff and meet me up at Earls Court. We were also waiting for Miss Blee to meet up with us as well. But kev sort of met up with her and showed her to the hotel and everything.

So yeah, it was all quite confusing at Earls Court, more people were tagging along to head to Nandos and everything. B managed to work out an easier route to get to Wembley Central (involved going to Paddington station and all) so we all followed her lead on that one. Kev did try to make a few team leader decisions but were soon disregarded due to the fact that me and B knew more about London then he did.

I had a quick game of Tetris DS with Kev during the journey. I whooped him silly (naturally) in front of everyone. Was quite fun I must say haha.

If Kev and Steph were a couple haha

Ooh I forgot to mention, Kev bought his jacket from a charity shop. Twas the most suave he could be for a meetup. I mentioned that he looked like he had just broke up with some emo chick hence the clothes haha. Most of the meetup was there to joke with Kev, no idea why he suddenly became that guy everyone makes fun out of but thats life I guess. I also forgot to mention how we’ve managed to blame Kaz’s car accident, how late we were etc all on kev. Purely because he was team leader haha. Thats life… if things go wrong, you blame others. Kev made me look after his DS Lite… cant remember why, thought he had pockets for it. but nonetheless I looked after it in my bag.

Nandos (finally)
After a semi painful journey to Wembley Central, I managed to instantly sniff out Nandos, it was pretty far, but somehow I managed to sense the resturant anyway. Wasn’t as awesome as the Sheperds Bush one but you know. Beast Love and Popey were all waiting at Nandos already so the seating arrangements were all sorted.

So yeah, here’s most of the gang at Nandos; there was BOD, Ploy, Popey, Beast Love and Pryo girl.
People at Nandos

Was very surprised that BOD was there too, no idea why, but I kept laughing at him haha. Think we got straight into business and ordered our food. I managed to get the usual (10 wings hot, 1 large fries with peri spice and, 2 peri dips, 1 soft drink) as well as a free quarter chicken using my Nandos card. Was semi pissed off that I couldnt give it to Inn to use since they’ve spotted me passing it on haha.

Nandos food

That was pretty much my food, was quite an awesome portion haha. Kev had to pop off and fetch his sister (who was still lost as ever haha). B managed to remain sociable (but on the phone) and walked outside of Nandos to continue her phone antics. Kev mentioned later on that she was there when he left, and was still there when he came back.

Think I just ate haha, occasionally bantering with everyone. I did manage to shake everyone’s hand and say hello. Was nice seeing Ploy again haha, she was fun. So yeah, lots of bantering until Kev arrives with his sister. They immediately ordered their food since they were running late and all.

The food kev ordered was horrific. I mean, I can eat alot but boy did Kev go all the way. Was proper savage (not in the good sense that Stephie uses in her general dialogues). We did our usual challenge of eating EXTRA HOT (and beyond) nandos wings and see who would give in and drink water. This time there was a bit of a kick, Inn thought it would be funny to smear wasabi sauce all over the wings haha. It was horrific (in a bad way!)

Extra Extra Hot Wings with Wasabi

You’d think it was spicey by ordering Extra Extra Extra Hot wings, but putting Wasabi on was simply a bad idea. Not in a spicey way either… me and Kev tried it and couldnt taste a thing haha (probably because our senses were dead from the prior nandos munchings). We both tried to look non challant as possible, but I’d say that those wings would have killed if we ate them first, not to mention that fact that they were dry instead of soggy. I’ve noticed that things are much spicier when they are dry and charred haha.

More visitors and the journey to the Arena
At some random point, Max arrived at nandos with CottonCandy. Twas funny seeing her, her trousers haha. She kept offering people random sweets known as “Satan’s Sperm”. They taste weird…. according to everyone else. I didnt try them because they look very mank haha. Kev seem to likes them for some reason (weirdo).

Think that was it at Nandos I must say, I started to tell everyone that he HAD to head off due to us having a possibility of missing Muse (the actually point of meeting up ahaa). So yeah, most people began heading off, twas funny how kev almost did NO leadering whatsoever, just give us shit advice that noone listened to (mainly directions haha).

So we all headed out of the building, some people took toilet breaks and all. I was one of the first ones out and out of nowhere, I head a noise….. sounds like a dropped something. Hmmm, wonder what that was haha. Seems like my bag was wide open and kev’s ds lite fell out of my bag haha oops. I did tell kev about it but he wasnt so piss (but I think he cried inside a bit, his sister said he was all protective over it when he had it haha (its like my life mirrored haha) ). Yet again, we were doing more detective work as to where Wembley was, I was leading once again but was told a gist of the area. So I just followed it, was pretty easy to find since its next to Wembley Stadium.

At once random point me and B were actually skipping to the venue, kev thought we were mental, but we’re used to skipping to gigs haha. Was awesome, kev was losing his breathe all the time and everything haha.

Getting in the damn venue
Painfully, we were REALLY late haha…. the band didnt start, but then there was a queue for the gig. We waited like everyone else, but when it was our turn…BAM! The tickets were all gone. They had ran out of guestlist tickets….this meant that they had to print more tickets out for us to use. The problem of that being what ticket numbers were they going to print. It was pretty funny how it kinda went real messy at that point. ALOT of waiting was involved. We were somehow allocated with tickets that were located at block N3 (alot closer to the band and all). I think we missed about 3 songs of the gig. Was pretty annoying. You could hear it from where we were standing. We were all also contemplating about stealing some aftershow passes since they were just sitting there and the lady just disappeared out of nowhere to have a chin waggle. When she was actually sorting out the tickets Kev just threw tonnes of abuse at her “Come on lady, faster!” etc. Was quite funny haha, kev hurling abuse to a lady, behind a counter type thing where she couldnt even hear her. Proper manly.

Overall the whole waiting and all was frustrating and evil. People behind us were proper pissed off at us (The guard didn’t really explain the fact that there wasnt any tickets for them to give out, so I assume they thought we were slowing things down). So yeah, everyone rushed to Block N to get some Muse action.

Muse gig, finally
One of the things I noticed was Matt’s clothes… he wore red…. just as I prophesied (black for day 1, white for day 2, and hmm, what colour does matt also like wearing?). People were lounging about having no idea where to sit down and eventually they just sat whereever, we were unfortunate to sit on some proper lousy seats (was better then the others in terms that it was closer to the stage and all)… we had some random security guard ask us to check our tickets, we showed them and he tried to locate the right seats for us. The thing is though, he really shouldnt of bothered us, noone was challenging our seats, customer wise, so why is he bothering us? It was really tedious. He made us follow him in and out of the bloody block. Disturbing everyone and all. Eventually he found the seats that we were suppose to be allocated and guess what? They were already taken, the people on those seats had the same ticket number and all like us. So the guy had no idea what to do. B just ignored him and went back down to some random standing area to watch the band. Was really annoying because the guy was proper confused on what he was doing, so yeah… I’ll just shorten the story about our seats because it was simply frustrating, but there was one point where they took us out of the block to go to another block with apparently better seats. But then it just got real confusing and we eventually sat back where we sat at first. Really ruined the day I must say. (Which I shall blame kev for, for making us late and everything). But I’d blame the damn security guards as well for not treating us like proper paying customers, we werent trouble making so why are they disrupting everything.

The photos were ok, there was some random pillar in the way so that was a bit of a bummer, but at least it was real close to the band.

Trumpet manMatt at Hysteria
Matt posingSupermassive black hole

Oooh forgot to note, the last photo is the legendary supermassive mosh hole. People would leave this space empty, and when the song REALLY kicks in, they’d mosh like crazy. At one point Matt dedicated a song (Stockholm Syndrome) to them crazy moshers haaha. He loves making fun out of them.

So that was it, the setlist was a bit shabby for the last day, they played Knights of Cydonia first and Take a Bow last. I preferred the second date the most, it was such a perfect setlist, greatest hits and the whole tracklist of Blackholes and Revelations.

Aftershow antics
So the hard part was over, the next bit was for me to work my magic and get about 12 people into the the aftershow. Kev was useless haha, all he could do is phone Tom, but my first plan of action was to simply get everyone going to the aftershow area, at least you could stand a chance of meeting Tom…. or if not… get some passes from other people who left the gig haha.

Me and B were running straight to the gig and all, I texted Kev to head to that direction so I think he managed to tell everyone where we needed to go. Remember that the goal was to simply get into the aftershow party…. (just keep remembering this point haha).

We met up with Michelle, Caff and Gem during our journey to the aftershow area, and they tagged along with us. Seemed like them lot managed to get ok seats, perhaps none of this would happen if Kev got us to the Arena early ahahah. So yeah, we eventually end up at the waiting area for the aftershow place. This is where it got REAL exciting for me (and me only haha). Anthony, a friend of mine who I’ve met several times at several aftershows saw me waiting outside, last night I asked him whether or not he’ll be coming tomorrow and he said he wasn’t as he was seeing Julliet and the Licks. But yeah, he managed to turn up, we had a quick talk and all and it turns out he was invited by Chris to play footie with him at some random place. I explained him my situation and to my surprise, he offered me an aftershow pass!! HAHAH. THAT WAS IT!!! I got my aftershow pass sorted, the guy had 3 strips of it, I tried to ask for another one but he saw SO many people waiting with me that he thought “nah, just one, i dont know the others”. So yeah, guess I was stuck with just one aftershow pass.

So yeah, folks, if you want aftershow passes, meet up with people at aftershows, important people haha. So anyway, after celebrating my aftershow passes, I promised everyone I would go inside the aftershow to find Tom to see if he could help everyone out. Though I must say, more and more musers were waiting outside for us, the best way to explain this task was by comparing it to “squeezing triplets back into a woman, and the babies arent even hers” I would have used more babies but that’s just proper cruel to the lady haha.

Having said that analogy, later on I found out that the amount of people ACTUALLY inside the after was similar to 3 triplets inside a woman. At first upon entering the aftershow party, my first reaction was “nobodies”. Noone I knew was around, so it was generally a boring aftershow. Had to wait a bit more until Tom or the band to arrive. I came back out of the aftershow and reported to everyone that it was actually boring and that the water costs £1.90, which was rediculously overpriced. I wasn’t too keen on this aftershow, it was like last nights, only with more people (you didnt know). As well as that, no music and the area became more and more packed with people.

To keep everyone outside convinced that this aftershow was shit, I took some photos of the place to prove to them that it was just a packed up aftershow that wasnt worth going to (not to mention, impossible to get so many people in and all).

Packed up aftershow

I really wasn’t bothered to goto the aftershow, I’ve already went two times in a row, and not to mention the fact that I’ve already checked this night’s aftershow party and found it boring and lacking in people to talk to. The photo above gives you an idea of how packed it was, it got alot worse afterwards, one point it was simply far too packed to even do anything in there.

Most people were not really bothered about going to the aftershow, was glad that so many people were thinking about this. I had previously already told people not to look forward to an aftershow since when I spoke to Tom last night about getting us aftershowed, he was REALLY iffy about (use the woman and triplets analogy again). Michelle received a text from her mates that the band wasn’t going to be in the aftershow party at all, so it was simply a useless aftershow. Though quite alot of people were determined to get into the aftershow party. Gem, Michelle and Caff were sort of in a team since they were all staying at Michelle’s place. They were quite determined in getting in. I tried asking people who were leaving the aftershow for wristbands if they were leaving and all. Eventually I managed to get two from people leaving the building, it happened to be the Editor of NME haha, upon finding that out I managed to quickly plug in my website haha (was funny, in future I should make business cards for the occasion).

Anyway, I gave the first two passes to B and Michelle, in that order (there was definitely alot of politics going on haha). Afterwards, since Michelle was going with Caff and Gem, I had to give the next two passes (which I managed to get from Anthony again when he was leaving the venue and all) to them. And that was it, I felt a bit evil offering the passes to people close to me first, but I did make my point that I was in a very tedious situation, Kev managed to help me up by telling me to give them to Gem and Caff haha, so it kind of made it look like I was actually willing to give it to anyone (which I was anyway, it was tedious already).

So yeah, after all that bantering, we tried queuing up for the aftershow, but the problem now was that the aftershow was simply packed as ever. The security guards didnt let any more people in haha. So all that pass snatching was useless. Gemsy and her friend managed to get in as well. She did the same chewing gum technique and was able to get into the aftershow for a bit (I was cooler haha).

So yeah, at one point I just kept asking the security guard if i was able to get some water from the toilets as I was REALLY thirsty haha (from all that persuading and everything), the bald security guard got proper mad and told me to “F**k off” haha. Ah well.

Leaving the aftershow
I think at some random point everyone just gave up and left, I wouldnt say gave up, since most of them werent really bothered. If we wanted an aftershow party it was defintiely alot cheaper and cooler to make one ourselves, since the aftershow lacked in people we knew, and the drinnks were expensive (as well as no music etc).

We were able to catch the last train back (but only to Baker Street) at the Wembley Park station. Required quite alot of waiting, at one point kev told people that the train approaching was our train back home, it had been “Leader approved” haha… funny bit was that it was a train delivering train tracks.

Leader approved train

We did hope kev was going to jump into it and all haha.

During the tube journey to Baker Street me and kev played Tetris DS, I whooped him 4 times in a row, and was almost going to finish him off for the 5th time when suddenly he managed to beat me at it haha, though he was lucky I had cold fingers so he won that time, afterwards I beat him for the other rounds, kev’s not really quick with his fingers. When we arrived at Baker Street, B was able to quickly find out bus back to Earls Court and Hammersmith. We went on the top deck and had a few giggles, at one point I told Miss Blee that I had received a private message from StarSailor, I used my phone to read out the pm haha, I did it in a funny french accent and everyone enjoyed that. B was expecting me to stay over at hers but unfortunately I had to sort out the other people who had no idea of where London was and all. So yeah, I had to say goodbye to B as we got off at High Street Kensingston. Was pretty worried that she was going back home on her own but she’s not 15 anymore I suppose.

The REAL aftershow (with munchies, drinks and rice cakes)
We had a quick trek to Earls Court, was a nice trek. Along the way we managed to stop by at a 24 7 Newsagent and get some food. Me and Inn pitched in for some DECENT Tropicanna Orange Juice (leaving the others with shabby water haha). We went slightly nuts on crisps and stuff, I made sure that we bought some rice cakes (yum yum).

So yeah, our own little aftershow party in Steph’s room.

Aftershow party

This one was alot more fun since we had munchies and drinks. Kaz bought some beers, alcopop and assorted food. Stephie started distributing the Absinthe haha, only me and popey (and a few others) were drinking it haha, I was being sly and simply mixed it up with my Tropicanna, didn’t want to end up wasted hahah, that’s just not cool. Kev got changed before joining us, we laughed at his retro old muse T Shirt, he had forgotten the fact that he would be ridiculed for wearing it haha.
Managed to take some photos of everyone using Kaz’s daddio camera (mmm). And throughout the party people were knocking the door. The funniest thing is how everyone darts off somewhere. Either to the bathroom or down on the floor haha, It reminded me of an episode of friends where they just hide when Pete talks to Monica over the video phone.

Eventually the hotel guy DID knock on the door. He asked her how many people were in this room, and Steph replied “4…” expecting the guy to believe her, what with the cameras in the corridors and everything haha. He guy told her that if they were partying then they could use the Lounge and everything. Steph was surprised that there was one (as were we) so we all went up and continued to party upstairs.

The lounge had hot water (should of bought pot noodle haha), an internet terminal as well as some comfty seats. So this was where we partied up the place for a bit. Twas quite sad actually, most people found it more interesting to go on the internet then actually socialise haha. Makes you want to shake your head seeing them and all. I just happily munched on my rice cakes and spiked up orange juice.

The computer was shite, the browser didnt support javascript so we had to disable alot of things to actually make the muse board work. It was horrible. Couldnt even watch youtube videos.

Soon we had to pack up and finish off the party. Blee and her boyfriend went to their room, so did kev and her sister, Gemsy went back to her place whilst BOD, Popey and I left the hotel to go back home. I had a nice chat with Popey throughout the journey hehe, unfortunately, it wasnt one of those deep and meaningful chats you get during random midnights where you would constantly squint your eyes and stare at the other person intently, agreeing with them as they waffle on whilst getting ready to follow it up with some of your own waffle, it was just a normal chat about … stuff, cant remember haha. was glad he was taking the 93 bus too. I eventually got back home in one piece and got some decent sleep in my own bad.

So yeah, that was it. Eventually got a text from B saying that she got back home safe. So that was good.

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