Final Year Project Presentation

Seems like I have it in a few hours time. Better get some rest for the event and all, dont wanna wake up late and all haha. Still undecided on what to wear, probably a shirt and a dapper looking scarf with blazer 🙂 Going to bring laptop in too to do any demonstrations if needs be. God I really should have prepared something, but nah, I like the idea of demonstrating a project from the back of my head. More excitement. I’ll be one of those over enthusiastic people who ask questions to start the presentation off. Something like “who here knows web2.0 lol!?” haha.

After all that, its back to database work. I’m still fighting this damn query!

Update 8:52am: Yup, think I’m going to wear my scarf for presentation, I’m usually good at breaking loopholes in terms of dresscodes. At college we had a shirt and tie policy but I managed to evade that rule the entire 2 years I had at 6th form, I just kinda wore them under my cooler clothes and when prompted I’d just flash my tie under my top haha. How awesome am I (not haha). Better start preparing what to say and stuff for presentation, got an hour to prepare and I’m off to uni and all. Might bring my tripod just so take photos.

Update: Right presentation was over, it went pretty cool, most of the other posters weren’t too bad, though each one had their own flaw I must say. Alot of people were looking at my poster and commenting on how effective it was in sustaining user attention and all 😀 The presentation itself was pretty good, the main person in charge of the poster presentations did mine and was very pleased with it, I was able to demonstrate the project, show him some of it working and yeah, stuff. He said I was muy creative and interesante. Got really bored near the end so I just took photos of stuff

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