Mobile Business Exam today

Ducky Got my mobile business exam at 2pm, tis a 2 hour long exam and I’m hoping to use every minute of it like last time. Usually I’d leave the venue around 30 minutes answering everything at break neck speeds haha. But its final year where things really matter so I better take my time answering them, though having said that I better manage my time better! For my ecommerce exam I went a bit ott on the first two questions and sort of gave up on the last one which was worth quite alot of marks and all too!

For luck purposes I will be bringing my little duck to the exam and hopefully I’ll do well. Not really a believer in luck but there are times where you get questions that you know you’re good at and some that you vaguely have an idea of. I should be fine though since I know the topic pretty well. Plus the lecturer is my supervisor and I have a good idea about how he likes his answers and all.

God its weird waking up at 9 to revise, I better start sleeping early now, though I doubt thats going to happen what with the coursework I need to do afterwards *shudders* haha. Anyway, better do some more revision before I head off to the venue.

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