The ultimate Muse Wembley Stadium Weekend (Bonus Monday)

Haha and you’d think after seeing Alice off to Kings Cross it would have been over. It’s been a while since I was on my own, but I still had one more gig to goto, Kiernan wanted everyone to go catch her mate’s band The Silent Years play at some random venue near Old Street. However since so many people didn’t live in London locally, not many people were able to come. Only Kazzie, Kiernan and I made it. Ho hum…

Goodbye kev

Anyway, right after seeing Alice off I went straight to Oxford Circus to find Stephie, Kev and Kiernan since that was where they were heading. Unfortunately they weren’t there so I had to try phone them up to see where they were. Most of their phones were knackered, batteryless or just nonuk. I had to phone Stephie’s phone to be able to get them, and that really hit my credit haha (though I didn’t really use any credit the entire weekend since I used other people’s phones to phone people or better yet, I just didn’t need to phone anyone since they were always next to me haha). I managed to get hold of kev on Stephies phone (it’s weird when you phone people’s mobiles and someone else picks up) and he told me that they were back in Kings Cross station! So I quickly got the tube back to Kings Cross where I originally was (should of just stayed put). They were located at McDonalds so I managed to meet them there. Everyone seemed to have eaten something at McDonalds including Kiernan who was supposedly banned from eating food that was available in America. I didnt eat anything since they were just about to leave and say their goodbyes to kev (not to mention I hate McDonalds).

Kev was slightly worried about where Leon was since he couldn’t get in contact him so he just left without him, it was funny saying goodbye to kev, I just gave him a man hug and not long after that he departs into the carriage and the train leaves (good timing!). We then head off to Oxford Circus again (eurgh!) where Stephie wanted to buy some makeup at Mac. They pretty much knew where they were going so I let them lead the way, once there Stephie said she’d only be there a few minutes (ie pick up the makeup and bam, gone!). Now when girls say that, do not believe them. It’s all lies! Stephie took longer than expected, Kiernan went off to use the bathroom somewhere whilst I was sat with all my stuff looking at my photos I took for Muse (they looked amazing on the small 2.5inch LCD haha) but eventually my camera batteries died! I could no longer take photos for the rest of the day! (Doh).

I phoned up Kazzie telling her to bring a spare charged battery for the gig since my camera was dead as well as bring some stuff I forgot to pick up, including my gamecube memory card and my watch! She said she’ll charge them straight away and it should be ready for when she meets up with us. Right now Kazzie is back home relaxing a bit and preparing herself for one more day.

Once stephie was finished we then proceeded to do all the touristy things that Kiernan wanted to go to (well not wanted to, but you know, you’re in London you do all the tourist stuff!). Our first trip was Picadilly Circus, she took photos of the lights and went into the gift shop to buy some additional gifts from London. We then went into funland where I quickly demonstrated my DDR skills to Kiernan, I was really tired so I decided to play easier songs rather then killing myself with my usual level 9 song haha. Stephie did notice that I was playing an easier song but Kiernan was still nonetheless impressed of the dancing.

Afterwards we went to find the Hard Rock Cafe which was located in Hyde Park Corner, so off to Hyde Park Corner via the Picadilly Line, Kiernan said we should of got off at Green Park but I insisted we went to Hyde Park Corner. Upon exiting the place I asked for directions to Hard Rock Cafe and some lady selling stuff by the station exit helped me out with that. After walking around the direction the lady pointed out I sort of guessed the whole thing, I was slightly lost near the end. I used bus stop maps to find out where we were but couldn’t really find it, I was very sure I was near it but I just couldn’t put my foot on where it was. This was where I took in Kiernans advice and went to Green Park to find Hard Rock Cafe instead. Stephie then said she had to leave since she wanted to pack up and get to the airport early in case anything bad happens.

We said our goodbyes at Green Park station, me and Kiernan continued our journey to find Hard Rock Cafe. Kiernan used Google Maps on her phone to try and find the way. Eventually we found the way, Kiernan quickly dashed in and got the presents she wanted (shot glasses) and we left the place soon after, Kiernan wasn’t one of those shoppers who took their time looking for things to be, she knew what she wanted and got it straight away. Good thing since we didn’t have time to do a big sightseeing tour of London. Afterwards we just went to all the sightseeing places including: Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Westminister, Millenium bridge thingy and Big Ben, I even made her take the ubiquitous shot of Big Ben and the underground sign haha.

Going italian with Nero and Pizza Express

We soon after chilled out at Caffe nero which was located next to Westminister Station where Kiernan bought some iced tea and I got myself a Frappe Latte and coffee beans (was really getting into them thanks to Alice). I asked Kiernan to try the Frappe Latte but she wasn’t too keen on it because she didn’t like the taste of coffee. Soon after Kazzie phoned us up telling us how she nearly drowned in her own bathtub because she went to sleep during her bath, but now she’s heading into London and all. We met her at Euston and began heading our way to Old Street, it was quite a journey I must say. We had to take the bus since parts of the northern line were suspended. Along the way I met my friend from uni who I havent seen in years, was weird meeting him there I must say. He was taking a gap year before finishing his final year next year and all, I said bye to him and continued waiting around in the bus for our stop (we had to look at each bus stop to see if we’re at Old Street Station). We eventually got to Old Street and used Google Maps to find the venue. We were however a bit too early. Kiernan managed to catch her mate hanging outside the venue and had a chat with him and what she was up to etc. We were very hungry and decided to go hunt for food. We eventually found a Pizza Express (which Kiernan has never been too) so we decided to eat there since it wasn’t a place Kiernan could go to eat in America (so I wasn’t breaking any rules). I doubt we could have found anywhere else to eat really, there was a Miso (japanese and chinese fusion restaurant (gotta love fusion restaurants) but nobody was really keen on it.

Inside I ordered a lovely American Hot Pizza, Kiernan ordered an American pizza (in which I quickly pointed at her pizza and went “an american” and then pointed at her and went “an american” when the pizza arrived hehe) and Kazzie ordered a plain tomato and cheese, I also ordered Tiramasu for dessert hehe. Me and Kiernan had a lovely chat about food and the weekend, Kazzie was super antisocial throughout the evening and was talking to Adam on msn via her mobile, at one point I took her phone away and wrote to Adam “brb, i’m being sociable and talking to my friends now” hehe. She continued for a bit and I just shook my head and rolled my eyes (Kiernan did the same). Kiernan showed Kazzie all her photos in London whilst Kazzie had one eye on the photos and the other on the phone hehe. After dessert we left Pizza Express and headed back to the Bar and Grill place (that was our venue!) to see the band play.

I had to pay 🙁

Damnit, we didn’t get guestlisted for this gig so I had to pay for it, this was the first time I had to pay for a gig the entire year! Doh. Though I was really keen on seeing this band anyway so it was all good. We got in just in time and they began playing. I immediately got into photography mode and also gave Kazzie some tips on shooting gigs and all whilst she wielded her camera and joined me on a photography fest. A weird surprise was that another muser on the board, “:James:” was actually at the gig, Kiernan mentioned this to me and I immediately pointed out a kid that I presumed was the muser, I dunno who asked him but he replied yes that he was :James:. Small world eh? Anyway, the band was awesome live, I really enjoyed the gig and had fun shooting them 🙂

After the gig, Kiernan had a quick word with Josh the singer and we eventually lounged around for a bit before it was time for us to head home. We took a random bus to the nearest station we found and took the tube back home. Eventually I said my goodbyes to Kiernan and Kazzie and that was the last part of the meetup. I managed to get home that day and instantly went nuts on photo uploading and talking to everyone who already got home safe.

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  1. inn says:

    Teehee I just finished catching up on my blog reading after finishing my wembley blog, a good tasty read, was fun. Now it’s about 6.20am so I think I should sleep now. Don’t be surprised if you see me about 4pm going “mergh” in banter tomorrow…though I originally aim to wake at 10.30, I shall stop rambling now.

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