Goodbye London

Well, kinda all packed up and ready to go now, granted it’s now 4am in the morning and I doubt I can get any proper sleep. Funny how I can’t seem to stuff my suitcase full of stuff, hopefully it’ll be nice and full when I come back (and hopefully not filled with JUST lucky charms haha). Not really set on things to do and see so I’ll just post them up here and hopefully people can post on what they think I should do so I can check it out and go 🙂 Would really appreciate it if you can all start listing them because I want to really make the most out of my trip to New York.

Actually I’ll just post that on another post, this will be my goodbye post hehe. Anyway, I think the thing that will drive me mad most is when I’m up in New York is company (or a lack of). Hopefully I can phone up Kiernan when everyone else is asleep hehe (she doesnt mind :p). But otherwise it will be around 7.30 where I’ll have a sneaky skype with people before I head off to work (mmm 10 minute trip).

It is going to be weird travelling by air for the first time. Luckily I’m going with a manager so I’m not on my own cocking up or something. The films on board are pretty cool too, I can watch either Atonement, Control or Rush Hour 3 (might do all 3) but chances are I’ll be sleeping most of the flight due to the fact that I’m still up typing this and getting ready.

So yeah, farewell London. Will be back Sunday morning feeling perhaps slightly jetlagged and maybe hungry for some sushi (though there’s a sushi bar in my hotel which I’m very keen in visiting hehe). No idea why I’m even posting this because I will clearly get wireless in my hotel room and surf the internet when I’m back home from doing whatever hehe. So yeah, goodbye folks.

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