Muse cover: Supermassive black hole

I’ll be having a nice 1 week + holiday so I won’t be blogging much / at all, during that period. So yeah, thought I’d be nice and release one of my slightly hidden covers that I did last year. This is using pro tools so it’s slightly cooler but it’s all recorded pretty live which gives it that very raw edge. Unfortunately I sing in this one, this is probably the only cover you’ll ever hear me sing. I don’t like singing because my voice sucks and I don’t think it’ll get any better so yeah. First ever song where I really went all out on trying to get mixing and mastering done right, my first shot at it and all so I’m still learning. So yeah, I’ll be up north now, enjoy.

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  1. opal bellamy says:

    hey πŸ™‚

    just wanted to say: great cover! instrumentally, it was very edgy and very different to the original but in a fantastically interesting way. but vocals, dude, okay you said it yourself that your voice sucks (although i wouldn’t say it sucks)…just might have to leave the singing to matt and chris though. they know what they are doing πŸ˜›
    anyways, loved listening to it and hope more come our way soon!

  2. Wan says:

    Instrumentally, it’s really a good work !…

    ..Well… I have the same problem with my voice so… XD Anyway this song is way too high-pitched for me, it’s still impressive to see that you’re quite in tune πŸ˜‰

  3. crazybobbles says:


  4. Loodleliddle says:

    Dude, you’re singing was actually quite impressive!!
    A hard song to sing and you did it pretty well i thought.
    And the cover as a whole was awesome!
    I recon you should post more WITH singing, honestly sounded pretty good.

  5. Aeyve says:

    This is a seriously good version in my opinion (and trust me, I’ve heard and sang alot of covers xD). You hit the high notes pretty good, but the electronic part put me off slightly. Overall, 5/5! Keep on singing mate. I’ll be glad to hear more.

  6. Mats says:

    Dude… awesome! Of course, Matt’s falsetto is better than yours, but hey, I really didn’t mind it at all. And instrumentally it was just full out kickass! Keep the covers coming.

  7. Adam says:

    this is great! your singing is fine, good effort, don’t know what people are on about. however one thing i loved about your old tracks was that they were basically muse + extra synthy goodness! like your cover of plug in baby… those arpeggios were just made of magic. whack a load of extravagant synthesiser noises on and you’d have a winner in my eyes.

    hey, I’m disappointed at not being able to download an mp3 of this! for ages and ages i kept meaning to make an archive of all your mp3s from your old site but i never got round to it… and now i find that i can’t download those now either? sucks πŸ™

  8. Ellen says:

    Awesome cover. Instrumentally this was REALLY good. Reminded me a little, little bit of the live version so yeah, I thought this was great.
    And the singing well…. Let’s face it.. we can all try, but no one on this earth can be as good as Mat!!
    All in all I can only dream of being able to make these kind of covers.

  9. JJ says:

    you did well here, like it a lot. instruments are spot on, GOOD JOB !

  10. will says:

    likin’ the live version πŸ™‚

  11. Lala says:

    I really liked how you interpreted the guitar and as Looliliddle said your vocals were really good for such a difficult song. Of course the timbre of your voice is never going to be the same as Matts so what are people expecting? Dont be so modest. I do wish the drumming was a little tighter…to much high hat for my taste but overall a strong cover.

  12. Ian says:

    No problems with your voice to be honest, very good job!

  13. Andrey says:

    where can i find it for download?

  14. Narek says:

    Wonderfull Job!! do “map of the problematique” i want to see your take on it, and LALA said was good because there is a lil to much high hat BUT overall better then all the wanabees ive seend fantastic MATE!

  15. oddbod92 says:

    Cool cover – vocals are alright.
    Guitar etc. are v.good.

  16. marleymuse says:

    like the beginning and its cool nuff said.

  17. Cesar says:

    Do you think you can post the tabs of the version you played and post it on here or on

  18. JohnH says:

    Loved it mate! Vocals weren’t that bad and the music was awesome!

  19. Black Hole says:

    Dude, it feels like Matthew is singing here.! Great job, I must say.

  20. Aeyve says:

    Sorry for this.. i always seem to forget how to download your songs :/ some link or special trick? Greatly appreciated if you’d send some more mate. Your voice isn’t as bad as you think, sure the falsetto is a little different.. but overall 10/10. Nuff said.

  21. Mikhaela says:

    Really great and techno. Great singing! :DDD

  22. David says:

    This is brilliant! Vocals were very good, and the raw edge of the guitar was very nice. Thanks for sharing

  23. citizen erased says:

    “I don’t like singing because my voice sucks” (?)
    Nah, Muser, you rock heavily!

  24. Jechu says:

    Hey… this was awesome…was really nice to listen to…you don’t have a bad voice, actually is prety good :P, otherwise you wouldn’t hit a note…instrumentally, was the best part, the guitar was really well done…and the drums really tight … the screaming rawked too!…so, anyway…cheers XD…greetings, from the farther lands of Chile (MUSE is actually coming to Chile, which is fuckin mind blowin).

  25. Joe says:

    Hey there I really liked this, singing was pretty good as a cover goes and the backing track and the guitar was very impressive, what did you use tab/scan
    message me back on my website thanks (just in case I cant find this site again)

    I’m bloody impressed!

    Give us more πŸ˜€

  26. Altair says:

    hey! Instrumentally better than original! lol

  27. mauro says:

    hey, it sounds very good!
    and your voice don’t sucks, but it’s not as good as matt’s, of course.

    at the beggining it’s similar to the live version

  28. manigaa says:

    fantastic! great job man!

  29. Smilies says:

    Great cover, I don’t think there are many problems with your voice! It sorta goes without saying that Matt’s voice is better, but your voice isn’t bad at all. Love the beginning of the track. πŸ˜€

  30. Im a bigger Muse fan than your mom. says:

    That was incredible!
    The best cover of the song that Ive ever heard.
    Great Cover!

  31. Tr00jg says:

    Whoa this is quite good! Well done!

  32. beeblasphemy says:

    Wow, I know I’m a bit late but this is seriously an amazing cover, the best I’ve heard probably.
    Your voice doesn’t suck, I think it’s great (:

  33. langostino says:


  34. Manpreet Bains says:

    This is amazing.

    I was in awe after I had heard this, I never thought anyone could come close to Muse’s like you have.

    Well done πŸ™‚ and your voice is AWESOME.

    Is there anyway I can download this? I wanna show everyone πŸ™‚


  35. mickey says:

    the voice was okay (this song is really hard to sing and i think you’ve don gera job), but intrumentally just pure AWESOMENESS!
    keep on doing great covers πŸ˜‰

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