5 Nights in Paris, Part 2

Alice in Lafayete Continuing from the epic night in Paris, we enter our next day of our little holiday. To recap we’ve been lounging around for 4 hours in a museum and climbing some ungodly stairs up to the eiffel tower. We were slightly lost in the metro and were confused with the vast amounts of sushi places. I must say we did go to the two most important places in Paris since we knew about how long the waits are and just wanted to get it over and done with (the weather was nice and all) before the weekend came and all the tourists came out to play.

We started our morning with some breakfast, Alice brought her Jam along and used it to spread on her croissant whilst I enjoyed it with a touch of butter. The breakfast was the same as yesterday so we were pretty certain that the breakfast is going to be the same throughout. Today we were going to do some shopping at the Galeries Lafayete. This store was the equivalent to London’s Harrods or Selfridge’s, a big shopping centre with top quality brands selling top quality stuff at high high prices. We obviously didn’t buy much here but it was definitely fun to look at. Alice bought some nice jewellery and some postcards. Not much happened in the store expect for the story about this random French lady with two chicken fillets (which I’ll tell another day).

Opera house After that we tried finding the Opera house where good old Eric lives. It was quite close to the shopping centre and was a sight to see. The gold statues were pretty epic. One day I think I’ll have to book some tickets to check the Opera out, it’s just super fancy. The weather was nice and hot, you can start to taste another person’s sweat in the air. Anyway, afterwards we went for some Lunch. We went to a nice little sandwich shop which sold toasted baguettes. I had bacon whilst Alice had the ham, now the funny thing that struck me was whether or not there were much difference in a hot bacon and a hot ham sandwhich, we switched our sandwiches during the halfway mark (so we got a taste of both) and to be honest, you couldn’t really taste the difference (meat wise, the cheese was definitely distinguishable). I was starting to love baguettes and croissants in Paris, they take more time and effort to make these bad boys (what with the whole freshly baking them and all).

Alice and shrek Afterwards we had a walk around the town, we saw a Zavvi and went in to check out Shrek. We noticed that there was a hard rock cafe close by I was keen on going there another evening to dine. Anyway, our next stop was the Arc de Triomph, and to get to there we took the Metro to Avenue Des Champs-élysées (see, I did the accents and all). It was a nice walk, some fancy shops to check out (including an Orange shop that sold iphones :P) and some fancy water fountain close by. At one point we noticed a very chavy east end Londoner next to us whilst we were crossing the road, it was hilarious hearing them speak. We did some impressions of it but none of us were able to re-enact the sheer stupidity of a east end accent.

When we arrived at the Arc we took some nice photos of it and went right under it for some tourist action. There was a giant flag hanging under the Arc which everyone had to get a photo of (otherwise you wouldn’t believe we were in France and all) and not to forget the swarm of tourists taking photos left right and centre. Alice wanted to wait a bit since it looked like they were holding an event for the veterans. Sadly the process dragged on for a bit and we decided to go home instead since we were tired from all the walking.

After getting a wee bit lost again (we were slowly getting used to the metro system (well alice anyway, I was just following her :$)) we arrive back in the hotel, hungry for some place to eat. Originally I had a leaflet for a place called Fukushimirmairmair (some Japanese place). With me, when I’m too lazy to finish off a word I tend to just make up some words. I would find the actual leaflet of it (have it somewhere) but I’m too lazy to spell it out correctly, I know however that the first 6-7 letters are correct. But yeah, the entire evening I keep calling it “f**k y*u mummas”. I really should read things properly, but meh, sometimes it’s fun making the end bit up. We looked at the place and they didn’t sell anything special, I was tempted to get some yakisoba and tempura action going on so we decided to go out and find a decent sushi place.

It was funny how there were so many sushi restaurants in Paris, it reminded me of New York and it’s crazy amounts of Sushi places too. Perhaps other countries are picking up the increased interest in sushi, that or we just kept walking into Sushi places. We ended up at this nice little sushi place we picked after a long walk around our neighbourhood. We were pretty amazed that they served stuff in proper boards and boats (kev went to one with boats too). The place was run by a cute chinese family (no way were they speaking in Japanese) where the son serves sushi AND does deliveries. He’s however only a japanese waiter when he puts on that apron. We found it funny how the apron became his identity for what role he was doing. Anyway, the food was amazing, we had some yakisoba, prawn tempura (YUM!) and a nice selection of sushi / yakitori. Alice really enjoyed the sushi there and understood what it meant when we had fish that melted in your mouth. The rice was nice and warm and the fish was cold which made it perfect for some fish melting action (unlike places where the rice is cold because it’s left in the refrigerator). We paid the bill and went back to the hotel for the rest of the evening.

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