Come on lazy bones, exercise!

Exercising!I had a healthcheck at work on Friday, the test measured all kinds of stuff including blood pressure, fat, bone mass, how your stomach is doing, basically how healthy you are. Mine turned out pretty well, though I’m still pretty young compared to the other people at work. I was told to include exercise in my life to ensure I increase my metabolism when I grow older. He suggested to just do some weights so the day after, I bought some. It’s been pretty fun, my arms ache right now but I feel productive. Lets hope this continues! Will be a 43 thing to keep this up. I’m hoping to keep this up for at least 2 months. Will have at least 30 minutes of exercising to qualify as a session.

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  1. Tene says:

    How heavy are they? I use 10kg dumbells, need to get some heavier ones!

    It’s my bones that ache after using them though, feels like they’re going to snap. Curse of the athletic (read: thin) build. 🙁

  2. crazybobbles says:

    The one i’m holding is a 3kg one. I have a 5kg one too but I’m sticking to the small ones until I feel comfortable of upgrading. You talking 10kg each?

  3. Tene says:

    Yeah, each… if you don’t use enough mass, then it won’t work! Assuming you’re going for strength training rather than endurance. Which I presume you are, from you mentioning metabolism.

    Try press-ups too, they’re great for both endurance and strength. I can only do 40 myself, as I’m not fit (severly lacking in the endurance dept.). 😛

  4. crazybobbles says:

    I dunno what I’m doing to be honest, I wish I could get my endurance back though, I used to do so well on DDR but now I kinda lose the stamina needed to complete songs.

  5. Tene says:

    DDR? Dance Dance Revolution? I thought you meant some sort of bleep test before looking DDR up.

    Hm, ehowto has some good exercise guides, as does (even if you’re not after the about-to-explode look).

    I guess dumbell curls, pectoral flyes, shoulder flyes, tricep extensions … and the one where you lift the dumbell backwards – can’t remember the name … are a good start. You can do bench presses on the floor with dumbells too.

    Crunches and abdominal vacuums are worthwhile too, for endurance and for the grating board look :D. For that you need to drink a lot in order to rid yourself of retained water though.

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