Heroes in a half shell

Mmm they really were!

After a haul of gig photos I’d thought i’d process something different for a change, food photography, they’re pretty easy to develop, you just sort the white balance and you’re done. A few weeks back I went to a lovely chinese restaurant that I’ve mentioned quite a few times before, Red Chilli. I was visiting my brother and I made sure that I got some crispy peking duck action while I was there, so I booked a lovely holiday and made arrangements with him, it’s almost exactly a year since I’ve seen him so it was definitely overdue of a visit. So yeah, we ate the almighty red chilli. He recommended other places for the future so I’ll definitely check them out but I wanted to go for something I was familiar with.

Once again my brother was tempted in ordering the set menu’s and I cursed him for not realising that they’re not saving money by buying set menus and that you never go crispy aromatic duck. We slowly trawled through the menu and picked a fine selection of dishes, there were 5 of us and our choices were pretty random, we went for some obvious dishes (scallops were a must, soup was a must, and the infamous assort seafood and chicken hot pot was another must). If you think I’ve missed out duck, you’re right, THE DAMN HEAD CHEF went on holiday! I initially ordered Peking Duck (because that’s awesome) and the waitress said “Crispy aromatic duck?”, I thought she misheard me so I told her I wanted duck in the peking variety and then she goes and explains the unfortunate news, damn head chef.

I would name the dishes properly but I would need the menu and upon looking at the site it looks like the guys haven’t paid their hosting fees properly so their site is suspended teehee. So yeah, playing by memory and just saying what meat was on the table (pretty much all the meat they had minus duck *sniff*). Anyway, I won’t describe too much of the food otherwise i’d make me want to go there again 🙁

Here’s the rest of the photos. We got oranges at the end! Last time we didn’t so I made sure we did! The bill was nice and friendly and we paid up and left with smiles on our faces (except for the lack of duck). They even sorted out the typo on those damn prepacked napkins, but they were still a bastard to open!

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  1. Island says:

    mmm! yummy 😀

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