Photomonth preview & Korean BBQs

Photomonth: Photo-Open Preview

Photomonth preview event!

After reading a flickr blog entry about a photomonth preview event happening close by to work, it was a preview night to show case some photos as part of the photomonth… month. I decided to make an evening of it all. My friend m was coming over to meet me that day so I thought she’d appreciate the photos and free drinks before we go out for a meal somewhere. The gallery was pretty close to Rough Trade East, and from the 3 or 4 trips to the place I no longer required google maps to aid me from finding the place. I met with my friend near where I worked and walked with her to the gallery (stopped by for some book browsing and toilet breakage).

The gallery was pretty neat, a lot of photos were based around the area (so a couple of gherkin shots) and they obviously all had a certain theme to it all. I believe most of these were shot as part of a photo walk or project. I haven’t been on a photo walk before but it does sound fun, shame you need to pay like £45 just to walk around with people and take photos of a place that was free (the only benefit is getting help from professionals). Anyway, enough about photowalks, here’s some photos of the event.

Photomonth: Photo-Open Preview Photomonth: Photo-Open Preview

After slightly abusing the free wine and admiring the shots, we vacated the area for some food, I initially wanted to go for a curry at brick lane but I had no idea which place to goto (need some reviews first before going to a shonky one). We decided to head to central London and find a yo sushi since m hasn’t dined in a yo sushi for quite a bit. The plan sort of fizzled as I couldn’t think of a place to have yo sushi in and suddenly I decided to take her to the Korean BBQ place that my other friends took me to. m found the idea amazing since she’s never went a Korean BBQ restaurant, she’s tried making a Korean BBQ at home once but failed epically so it was a good idea to see how it was done properly.

Korean BBQ: M

Waiting patiently for food

Once at the restaurant we sat down and ordered pretty quickly, the BBQ set mix was about £30 and that was the main thing we wanted to have, it was just meat but that was fine. The meats included beef, pork, duck and chicken. We kept joking about how the waitress kept looking at me because she fancied me teehee (not really :P, however she did teach us more about Korean BBQs and the steps required to consume one, it was muy interesanté). The food came and the BBQ grill was heating up (for those who know little of Korean BBQs, the meat is initially set on the table RAW and gets grilled up in the crazy heating grill area that’s located in the middle of the table in a built in sort of way). It was all marinaded so once the meat was cooked it was ready to consume.

m instantly was in love with it, we were both pretty hungry and watching the food getting cooked in front of us made us even hungry! But it was definitely worth the wait, boy I need to visit here more. We spent a while identifying all the meats that was grilling, some were easy to spot but some needed some prodding and guesswork (we eventually asked hehe).

Korean BBQ: Raw MEAT!

Beef, pork, chicken and duck!

Korean BBQ: Cooked up MEAT!

Chicken and beef mainly! Nom nom

I felt slightly hungry still and ordered a seafood udon, it was nice and thick and was definitely the cherry on top of the meal, though I wish we actually ordered it with the BBQ so we could eat the udon with the various pieces of BBQ’ed meat. I could go on and on about food but I won’t bore you too much, it was a yummy place and I’d recommend anyone to try a Korean BBQ if they haven’t already (and try it again if you have!). Hopefully my food photography will convince one or two of you to go!

Korean BBQ: Seafood udon

Seafood udon!

After our meal we went to funland (since it was closeby) to play some mini bowling (the £2 one with smaller balls and the pins attached to string). We both took a lane each and I did pretty well with my mini bowling skills by scoring a strike and a few spares. Think I ended up with 100 something whilst m scored 80 odd.

Bowling for soup

After that we ventured into the bumper cars, I took a crazy ass timelapse video of it all whilst doing some serious crashing onto fellow bumpercarians. Good times.

After that we wondered around aimlessly in London, heading to Trafalgar square and others place with no aim whatsoever, I suddenly felt like I was in a book (namely catcher in the rye). It was nice wondering around aimlessly, I suppose you just need to have good company to make it nice (which I did). The evening was getting late so I took m back to her station and said goodbye to her, it has been a while since I’ve met her so it was nice seeing her again :). Nice and short entry since I have a bitchass amount of things to catch up on, it’s become one of those moments where the things I’m doing is greater than the things I’m writing! Damn life haha (just kidding). Next entry will be about the adventures of uka so stay tuned!

4 Comments to Photomonth preview & Korean BBQs

  1. islandgirl05 says:

    It does sound like Catcher in the Rye! I haven’t been on bumper cars since I was a little kid, im dying to do it again!
    Im glad your having fun, wandering aimlessly around london! 🙂

  2. Chalky says:

    Korean BBQ looks great – where is it?

  3. crazybobbles says:

    It’s called Jindalle, somewhere near Picadilly Circus, around haymarket. Here’s a review, didn’t do too well but I personally loved it. Perhaps I should venture into finding another place for Korean BBQs

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