My guitar gear: 2013 edition

Guitar wallSo every now and then, I get asked what gear I own when I do my covers. So here’s a lovely rundown on it


  • Manson MB-1 Red Glitter
  • Manson works #010 La Carbonita
  • Manson works #015 Sparkles & mirrors
  • Manson CE-1 custom black sparkles (winter 2013)

FX and Amps

  • ZVex fuzz probe
  • Digital Whammy WH4
  • Line 6 Pod HD500
  • FX Loops: Korg Kaossilator and Kaoss pad
  • DT25


  • The plan is to keep the setup nice and simple, only rely on individual FX if they work x10 better
  • I have a MIDI switch to control whether I want to play with the Whammy or Kaoss pad via the XY controller
  • Most video recordings I line out the HD500 into the camera so I don’t need to worry about combining the audio / video
  • If i want to jam live I would turn up the DT25 and get some organic valve action


I also rock a Kawaii digital piano, a bass and an acoustic. I use kaossilator for drums.

That’s about it, obviously let me know if I’m missing out on anything (like the Kemper or the AxeFX) and I might consider investing. Otherwise, any questions, post on comments I guess.

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