The iPhone 5s (Review time)

iPhone 5s

So my iPhone 5s finally arrived this week. Very happy with it so far, quite a nice and healthy jump from the 4s. Read on for a quick rundown on features I like


  • Burst mode is amaze balls, so fast and the idea of picking the best shots is amaze balls too
  • Slow-mo is easy use as well as fun when you find the right things to film
  • Every shot you take, it takes 4 shots and then gives you the best one. Works well
  • iSight front facing camera is also in HD, so I can use FaceTime more.
  • Haven’t used the true tone flash, not really a flash kind of guy but I will try when I get in darker places
  • Not really from the iPhone 5s but I downloaded the app aviary which does good tilt shift effects, perfect for mimicing bokeh and general tilt and shift action

Touch ID: Makes unlocking easier, just need to stop sliding to unlock.

Speed: To be fair 4s was fast too, 5s just keeps iOS 7 nice and lickity, need to download Infinity Blade 3 on it and kill some dragons

M7: Haven’t tried, hoping Fitbit will do something for it, or Pebble!

Overall design: Love the iPhone 5 design, the sparkly edges and the overall THINNOVATION. Not sure about the headphone socket though, needs getting used to

Conclude: As long as you’re not an iPhone 5 user, you’ll love it. If you’re a photographer the camera will be magical!

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