Josh Weller and Brooke Parrott

Josh Weller at Pure Groove (125/365)

This was quite a mini gig venture since my idea for the evening was to head down to Nando’s for some chicken, but having some free live music before that adds the cherry on top. Me and Anika went to Pure Groove to check out Josh Weller who was doing an instore there, I met up with some Patrick Wolf fans who were at the Selfridges gig, that was ace.

Josh Weller came on slightly later then planned despite hanging around the place for a bit, he played more than 3 songs which was good, here’s some videos of them in action:

Brooke Parrott at Borderline

Afterwards we dashed to the station and took thee central line to TCR to check out Brooke Parrott playing at the borderline. She was ace, here’s a video of her in action:

Sometimes it’s just easier to explain things with videos. But yeah… i’ll hopefully do a fest of these articles just to play catchup!

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