MacOS X Leopard – The main reason why you shouldnt buy a Mac (yet)

ImacI’ve seen a huge rise in the demand of buying macs, but when the next OSX is coming out in 2007 Spring, why are people still buying them? For instance, the new Mac Book Pro Intel Duo 2 was released and all I keep hearing is people wanting to buy it, though people aren’t really seeing the full picture when they’re handing over £1000+ worth of their money for a laptop that won’t use the next version OS to the max.

It’s just like the time when I opted to buy a PC motherboard with an AGP slot knowing FULL well, that PCI Express was going to be the next thing that hits us. Oh how I still regret the day when I thought “sod it, might save me a few pounds”. The point is simply “why wait when an upgrade is heading our way anyway?”. I know this statement can be said for anything, Apple Macs WILL be improving most of the time but such things are made with a cost for the consumers, and as we are aware that one will be planned soon, its definitely best to wait. Its like “Thank you for spending £1000, our next Operating system is out in a few months so be prepared to spend £100 more”. Not that you “HAVE” to buy it though.

Another reason to wait for Leopard is simply based on the fact that Apple will most likely upgrade all their Macs so that they can truly appreciate MacOS X Leopard. Perhaps the Mac Minis and MacBooks will eventually get their Duo Core 2 boosts, perhaps they’ll up the graphics card all round to make sure they’re fully capable of running all the new effects Leopard might have. I would predict that the WHOLE product line will definitely undergo at least on further update in order to make sure they run on Leopard smoothly.
It is always a wise thing to wait when it comes to purchasing products, only buying it when its truely needed (or when its dirt cheap haha). We are aware that you can get a computer with twice the specs in 18 months time which is why its vital to always pick the right moment to purchase your hardware, and one a time like it this, when a new operating system is coming into play, it is wise for us to simply hold our horses and wait for the new software to come out before we spend our hard earned cash on something that will prove limiting in the future (i.e “Oh your operating system is old, please purchase a new one”).

So to conclude, save up your money, and wait like a Ninja, the time will come when you’ll come out victorious (until another new technology comes out)

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