Flickr Pro Account

After hearing about this news on I immediately got myself a Pro account. The fact that you can upload ALL your photos (in their original form) all onto Flickr means you’re pretty much sorted for archiving stuff as well as sharing it. I manage to upload all my photos onto Flickr as soon as I got it. Later on I had to reupload all the photos since I did the uploading stuff in a weird way (uploading from present to past rather than the other way around).

Now I’m definitely a happy flickr user. The interface, tagging, note taking feature and community is just amazing. I feel more creative and in the mood to take lovely shots so I can upload it onto Flickr. Flickr is also perfect for gifts so I’ve bought a few friends a Flickr gift.

Flickr Gift

So yeah, best £12 I’ve spent for a years subscription.

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