Birthday Musers Meetup

Sort of a pre birthday meetup. Was originally planned as a normal Nando’s meetup where people just went nuts on Nando’s but since it was so close to my birthday I dubbed it my birthday meet haha.

Musers at VictoriaThe planned time to meet up was 3pm… I somehow managed to arrive at 5:30 or something stupid. Can’t remember what I was doing, probably bantering about on my camera and trying to get to grips with Photoshop CS2. I met Popey, Blee and Max at Victoria station, got a bit lost on where it was but eventually found it (usually I’m good at finding my way around Victoria since I went past there twice a weekend last year). Never knew Victoria had a Wasabi thingy.

Today was also where I was able to test out my new mobile service I signed up a few days ago, Shozu. It allowed me to upload photos I took on my mobile immediately to my flickr account. I wrote a quick muse board thread detailing photos that they can expect to appear randomly during the meetup, it was quite a few thing. Bit too geeky but it’s something people will be heading eventually (automatically geotagged photos, the lot).

NandosWe eventually headed down to Nando’s where we had some Sangria before we ordered. Kazzie was going to be a tad late since the people at her work made her work slightly longer then she had expected. Popey began devising his Secret Santa treasure hunt he had made for Kazzie. The locations were slightly unadventurous (under chairs and tip boxes) but I guess its the thought that counts haha (I was expecting places like inside some waiters mouth or behind a table of people who were already eating, or better yet, stuck on the managers back and she had to get it without the guy noticing).

Today, as well as being my birthday meetup, we also made sure that we were going to do the Nando’s challenge which was to eat a full extra hot platter. The platter would include a whole chicken, a large salad or coleslaw and large chips or rice. Me and Popey were the main people involved in the challenge, Max tried to join in but since he opted for Medium he was instantly disqualified.

My full platter

Oh and Kazzie arrived at the scene, I immediately greeted her with my Canon EOS 400d camera which made her very jealous indeed, though at least we were dSLR buddies. She had a fun time finding her presents WHILE she was dying to use the little girls room.

The nando’s challenge was pretty intense…. for the other two. Max in particular since he couldnt finish his food off. A whole large salad was left to waste since he was full on 3/4 of a chicken. Popey got a bit sluggish near the end but he DEFINITELY finished it (cheated a bit with by eating a bt of chicken and then eating some coleslaw to neutralise the heat) but nonetheless he proved that he was manly enough to finish a full platter. I myself was a bit pissed off that I didnt use any strategies when eating my platter. I went nuts on the chicken first and had to finish off with the salad and chips. Really should have mixed up them up alot as the food was getting boring near the end. It wasnt a case of being able to finish it off, but more of a case of wanting to eat salad after some hardcore chicken (it technically is a meal for 2).

Most of the food was consumed and I even had a bit of Max’s chicken just to taunt him a bit haha. We eventually left Nando’s in search for other entertainment and while we left, Popey managed to persuade me to get my own cock stick haha.


He also tried to make me get him one but I only do crime for myself haha, I did give him room to steal on himself but he didnt (being the pope and all?). Anyhow, this was where we rode the tube to Picadilly Circus and went to funland. Blee had to leave so she said her goodbyes at Leciester Square station. Before he went to funland, Kazzie also managed to get herself a Joey hat for Kev.
Shooting stuffThe rest of the evening was spent watching the other three go nuts on the games that gave tickets for prizes. As well as some fun games such as DDR, that drum simulator game (broken bass drum haha), some horse riding game, bumper cars and some other stuff haha. Max suggested that we’d do Musecast during the bumper cars but then it got a bit weird when I tried filming it haha. We had alot of fun and eventually got ourselves 4 trumpets from the tickets they won (I didnt have change so I didnt go nuts on the shooting games etc).

Think that was it, eventually Max left and so did everyone else. The one thing that pissed me right off was that my cockstick was in Kazzie’s bag! I had to put it in there since it could be seen as a weapon in funland. Was pretty annoying, dunno what she’s doing with it now haha. So yeah.

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