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New Years Eve at Stu’s

Monday, December 31st, 2007

New Years was pretty epic, we all decided to meet up in Canterbury and celebrate new year there. Alice unfortunately wasn’t able to go since the planning was horrifically bad. I initially wasn’t keen on going since it was Canterbury but decided to go in the end since travel wasn’t too bad on the train and I didn’t feel too mashed after coming back from the north.

After work I took the train from Charring Cross to Canterbury West where Stu and Inn were there to pick me up. They had already spent the night there and had Xmas dinner ready, the previously mentioned that they WILL get a xmas turkey cooked to cheer up Karis’ gloomy xmas. They all decided to wait for me to arrive before eating (which was nice of them!) and once the party was all ready, we were ready to party. I was curious as to why the turkey was so tiny when I saw it but wasn’t really in the mood to question it (was more in the mood to eat tbh). Once at the table I made sure everyone was following strict table manners and regulations to ensure we had a formal and respectable dinner. I was quite impressed that they managed to prepare a pretty beefy amount of things to go with the “turkey”, they had the chandberry sauce, sweetcorn, peas, gravy and even pigs in a blanket. We managed to take turns with toasting the new year and Inn made me be the last person to give the toast to really sum everything up, I turned my toast to a business meeting agenda and yeah, lovely toast. I was also able to do my usual bit of asking how was everyone’s days. Stu managed to shock Karis some more by popping out of the living room dressed as Santa, we all god Karis presents and everything (mine was pretty impromptu but I got her something in the end). She seemed pretty chuff, but not because of that too…

It appears that Karis was able to find love in the meetup. Michael (Originalboywonder on the museboard) was at the meetup and before I arrived they managed to “hookup” (OH YEAH! haha) so yeah, this is where it gets interesting, we all took turns to tease the hell out of her. Including an extended long game of “I never” as well as that game where they stick names on your head and you have to guess who they are. It was pretty fun of an evening. New Years eve was celebrated with some lovely paper burning, I can’t remember what I wrote so yeah…

When the clock struck 12 we let loose some party poppers and drank some super cheap champagne (took a LONG time to open). We then played a few “t00ns” on Stu’s laptop and raved for a bit. The night fizzled down with everyone going to bed with me and Inn going online via mobile and ds lite respectively. I slept on the hallway since every room was taken, which was fine since I could sleep anywhere (including the stairs), I could have slept in the living room but Karis and Michael were there… I took the essence of the sofas and made a lovely mattress to sleep with. Later on the evening I kept getting woken up by Ste snoring at a disturbingly high decibel, I tried recording it on my phone but sadly it didn’t pick it up too well 🙁

The next day began with me waking up nice and early and having a lovely shower. I played some soothing classical music to wake everyone up which was quite hilarious, inn found it funny this time instead of enraged since the music was fucking awesome haha. I was glad I didn’t sleep in the living room either because the next day it had a very strong stench of crotch smell, and like what Stu said, “it’s only nice when you’re smelling your own crotch”. We thought the best breakfast would be a trip to Nando’s haha. I had already had nando’s with Alice but what the hell, nothing else nice in Canterbury haha. Karis got a bit antisocial at times with Michael and it was pretty hilarious watching them not being able to sit next to each other haha (young love and all that). After eating more chicken we all parted ways, I was dropped off at some train crossing and had to walk to the station in the rain, the train left a few minutes before I arrived so I had to wait an entire hour for the next train and spend another hour and a bit on the train (thank god I was able to phone alice for the entire journey!). All in all a good way to start the new year.

I don’t like making resolutions so I’m simply going with the flow. Life is awesome at the moment so I’ll just stick to what I have.

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Muser Meetup (Part 2: Funland and Nando’s)

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Right, part 2 of this epic epic journey haha.

After waking up we were STRAIGHT AT IT with super smash brothers. yet again it was a two on one situation. It was particularly funny how stu just jumped STRAIGHT out of bed and went straight into gaming mode. It was proper intense, I got a glass of tropicana to drink whilst playing (was good shit, woke me up like a motherbiatch).

Kazzie and adam were pretty astonished to see us at it STILL. Adam did join in for one bit and surprisingly won the game by beating me. Of course, one has to remember that I was playing against adam and popey (dunno if inn was there, i think a computer was playing too) So i had to kill off 10 or 15 peeps out of the 5 lives I had. The end was annoying because i actually landed on a bomb which is why he won. Now he’s all smug about it. I think they were all starting to get smug at it, but not until they started giving me one on one matches where I showed them who’s boss haha. With stu i managed to kill him with just one life (didnt lose one), with adam I only got hit 5 times whilst he managed to lose all 5 lives.

Inn played a bit more too and then eventually it was time to pack it in and all. We were all up and ready to start packing things up and tidying things so that we didnt trash up kazzie’s house and all. I was in a tantrum trying to find my lens cap haha. Adam recalled seeing it somewhere but then kazzie was far too lazy/not bothered to help me find it (grr). Eventually I gave up on the idea of finding it and just started to pack things up. Kazzie brought my some rice cakes that she forgot to show me last night. I managed to munch a few down that time haha.

Anyway, after all the packing up, pissing about with kazzies 55-200mm lens, (taking photos of her cat haha), we were heading back to London for some more meetup action. I had a wii, and a dslr camera to take care of which meant I had to split up with everyone to go home, have a bath and meetup with them all.

This time kazzie decided to drive us to a decent station this time, Brent Cross station. Adam managed to lead us to the wrong station and got us a bit lost and all. Was tedious but at least we didnt have to take the watford route and all. The whole journey was painless and I managed to get home quite quickly and all.

This is where I lounge about for a bit, surf the web, take a bath, charge as much battery as I can, and get changed into a new attire, this time I was sporting some stripey green top.

Everyone else was partying it up at funland whilst I was getting ready and all. I left at about 3pm but was informed that they’ll be in nando’s so theres no point in me going to funland anymore :(. So yeah, quick travel to nando’s

Everyone met up, popey, inn, kazzie and adam all arrived late due to the fact that people were far too tired and lazy to wake up early and get to the damn place. people mingled but apparently they were all bored until I arrived haha 😛 (kidding).

I got straight into business and ordered some nando’s. The waitress was weird, her name was Serena and she seemed to be a trainee at nando’s, during my order she was complaining about being tired and was frustrated when we’d order things AFTER she has taken the order. Kev wanted to tap her.

After ordering food I got nice and comfty with the likes of kev and co and got down to the crazy array of challenges

Tetris challenge
Not exactly a challenge but we had 5 ds’s going playing tetris ds, was pretty fun. I managed to kick everyones arse at it haha. People were clueless about the items option and better yet, kev (the second best player there) is a nobody in my books haha (22-1). haha thats pretty harsh, but you know, I have played it for a long time haha.

Wasabi challenge
hm, I went to yo sushi to get some sushi and wasabi to do the wasabi challenge (was very successful the previous day and it ACTUALLY has some levels of difficulty and all!)
So yeah, ordered 4 maki cucumber rolls and 2 salmon nigri. I asked the crowd who wanted to participate and got the 6 people i needed (next time i’ll buy more haha). The participants were:
Me, Mona, Kev, Adam, Abbey and Aino.

I managed to ooze out as much wasabi goodness out of the 4 wasabi satchets I ordered. Me and mona picked the salmon nigris and we all ate the sushi at the same time. The best bit was the aftermath, cameras going wild whilst we take photos of everyone’s reaction to the sushi.

It was explosive. Me, Mona (and apparently kev) were cool with it, Mona still being the true winner since she actually ENJOYS the wasabi haha. The other two went running away like little 6 year old pubescent girls as the wasabi started to hit their noses, causing them to either spit it out or just cry in their nose.

Salmiakki challenge
This was the highly random and unpopular challenge made by aino haha. She made a few participants eat some of her random sweets and stuff. I managed to dig them into my nando’s chicken and eat it some time later when i was eating my chicken haha. Uhm…. yeah, the wasabi one was better haha.

Mona’s “I’ve never” game
Mona managed to do a quick game with everyone which involved revealing stuff people have or have not done. I won’t explain the rules since its tedious and confused kev but yeah. This game we get to discover hardcore muse fans, and other forms of muse board mind games. The game got a bit tiring since it was suppose to involve people drinking whenever they have done that particular thing, but uhm. we stood up each time and it ended up being too tiring to play haha (kev moaned).

The concoction game
A very spontaneous game I made up on the spot when people were trying hard to find a game to play haha. Rules were to pour stuff into a glass, and drink it, the next person then adds something else into the glass and drinks it, and yeah, its just a test of who dares to continue to drink it.
All sorts of stuff were added, including; salmiakki crap, salad leaf, peri peri sauce (extra hot), olive oil, ketchup, chips, coke, PEPPER! cheap nando’s mayonaise sprinkled with peri peri spice and all sorts of shit haha.

It became pretty vile, and then I wagered £5 for someone to drink the glass of vile. Abbey was brave enough to accept the challege and drank the whole damn glass (well, ALMOST). It wasn’t a good sight haha, she went to the toilet to puke it all back out haha. She was definitely brave for doing it and i felt slightly guilty for making the bet haha (though i was hoping someone manly like kev or chizzleface to actually accept the challenge (panzies))

Nando’s chicken wing challenge
This was meant to be the main challenge that everyone planned to have but it didnt happen, people started leaving too quickly and the other challenges were crazy enough, this meant I didnt get any free extra hot wings to eat off people 🙁

Other bits and bobs in nando’s
Nowt much really, michelle and caff later on joined us all but sat on another table and drank red wine, Michelle got a bit tipsy from it all bless her. Meanwhile back in our table, some truth or dare questions were asked, quite alot of table slamming and phoenix wright style pointing were made

Alot of greasy chicken was consumed. Well the annoying thing was that I couldnt eat my food in peace without people playing that damn “I never” game haha.

The waitress, “serena” was a bit arsey haha, i tried to dare her to get someone to drink that glass of vile for a pound haha.
We stole some nando’s cocksticks on our way out mwahahah, now I have two haha.

Randomness outside
After nando’s a few people left and we were wondering around for stuff to do. We eventually went to play DDR where kazzie wanted to challenge me into a game of DDR.
Played a few songs and it was fun. Wincy tried the other DDR like game made by konami, it required the use of your hands to dance as well. Its not as funky as the one you see in funland where people try to make something cool out of their hands by doing alot of unneccessary bits and bobs but yeah.

Kev and strippers

We were walking down soho where kev was trying to find some gash, he did go into a “friendly society” which was apparently a nice bar instead of strip club. A few strip club ladies wanted to entice kev to go in, we even got a 3 for £10 deal going on but we eventually passed haha

We eventually went to a nice pub called Ben’s Crotch (Croutch, whatever). And settled in for a bit of ds lite action, well lite and phat, wincy had let us down by still owning a crappy ds phat haha (though she bought a lite later on). Anyway, games that were played were mario kart and good old tetris. With mario kart I managed to win the first two races and then came second for the other two. It appears that some fucker kept throwing red shells at me so I couldnt overtake kev. Twas pretty unfair but meh, least i didnt lose to him haha.

We also played tetris, whoever played me kept going “shit, wtf?!?” as I pounded them with multiple tetri, it was only at the last game where kev suggestion slightly tipsy michelle to distract me whilst I was playing. I was groped senseless during the battle and lost to kev of all people eurgh haha.

We had some more banter, and finally the goodbyes and all. Loads of man hugs, girl hugs and banter near the end.
This was where me, michelle and caff said our goodbyes as we went to see Howling Bells live. That will be on another entry since its a gig of its own and all.


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