Toe Photography?!?!

Yeah, I’m just as confused as you haha. You’re either taking photos of your toes to feed the foot fetishes or you’re using your toes to take photos. Quite a weird spin, but it makes sense, for me and Alice anyway (most people are disturbed by the idea). Anyhow, I think it all started when Alice took one of her photos with her toes pressing the remote switch (actually… I’ve got a photo idea now haha), I asked her if she used her toes to take the photo (since her hands are busy in the photo) and she said yes. Not too sure how the rest went but eventually a whole Toe Photography thing started haha.

Anyway, as well as using your toes to take photos, there was another thing in common… stripey socks. Alice had already taken a photo of her sporting some long stripey socks and it was that which inspired me to take a photo of some stripey sock action myself, then I think she did the same and I sort of did the same too so yeah… lots of sock photos.

But yeah, now theres a group called “Toe Photography” that I’m the admin for so get snapping. But don’t join the group if you’re a foot fetish or enjoy the socks a bit too much.

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