Crazy sudoku puzzle thing

Sudoku gameSlowly completing my other projects now, been doing the crazy sudoku one now 😀 It wasn’t too hard to implement I must say, though I did use the dirtiest coding ever to build it, nonetheless I completed the juice of the system and all I need is to finish bits and bobs off, write the report and bam, another project out of the way. I’m suppose to be making posters right now so its pretty awesome that I’m way ahead of time. Got lots of presentations and demonstrations to do this week. Including some crazy poster presentation and a database presentation. Will most likely need to look representable so ties all the way (leather one to make it slightly rock and roll haha). Watching loads of Studio Ghibli films lately, felt really inspired to watch them again 🙂 Still wanna goto Studio Ghibli in Japan 🙁

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