No more reports ever!

Me running through fountainHanded in the final two reports now! Was quite an anticlimax but nonetheless, I have completed all my reports for the year and will never have to do them again! Feels pretty weird I must say, but definitely in a good way. Anyway, I sorted of celebrated the day by running through some crazy fountain! It was pumping water at a crazy rate and I was crazy enough to run right through all 5 of them!

Needless to say I was drenched silly, I got loads of dirty looks from everyone afterwards since it wasn’t raining and I was dripping wet haha. It was a very fun experience though so it was all good, I just wished it had been a bit more sunny so I could have dried off from the sun and all, but yeah, took a bath immediately so its all good in the end. Hope I dont get a cold :(.

Got 2 more exams left and afterwards I’m immediately going up north to celebrate and all. Woo!

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