Advanced Database Systems Exam

Eurgh databases, I do enjoy them but these lectures and theory work rips the fun out of them! Most of the time I’m more concerned about just making the database. But yeah, this is probably the hardest exam out of the 3 I have, I’ve been “revising” hard for it haha. Taking notes and everything, with other modules I’m able to just take a few ganders at the lecture notes and be fully prepared for the exam (since most of the stuff is already embedded into my brain haha) but this one includes 6 topics (some of which I didn’t have time to attend to since I was either skipping lectures or better yet, I was at them but I was just phasing out during them, thinking about really obscure stuff instead of focusing on what the lecturers saying)

Had my lucky charms today, once again I will be bringing my duck to the exam too! Hopefully not much luck will be used and I can just answer the questions based on what I know rather than lucking it out and writing waffle haha. Once this exam is over I can safely say that my days of university are well and truely over(ish) haha, I do have one more exam left but I’m quite sure I’ll do alright on it. Anyway, less banter, better revise a bit more

Exam DuckUpdate:Exam went pretty well I must say, I was able to answer all the questions confidently and I feel like I’ve done pretty well and all, lots of people finished their course after this exam so they all went to the pub to party (I suggested they’d all head to the job centre and start racking in the dole money haha) but yeah, I still have one more exam to go (not to mention a demonstration to present to my project supervisor) so I’m still a long way to go :(. But yeah, exam = Muy easy.

I got to take the duck into the exam hall and everything too, shame one of the examiners told me off and put my duck on the floor *grr*. I understand no mascots or religious items (actually, I think the rule was, religious items are allowed) but it also says, no mascots that are distracting, I dont think a duck is distracting others, some of the examiners *shakes head* nobody liked her anyway, she kept threatening people who kept talking by writing their name on a report :O haha.

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