Murder in Monochrome and Yunioshi

Right, after the Art Exhibition came a gig at Stockwell, that’s right, twas Murder in Monochrome. Michelle was going to the gig anyway so it was nice to know I had company hehe, I asked for guestlists and got an immediate reply from Kris saying its ok. Michelle said to meet up at 9:30pm so yeah I had quite alot of hours spare to spend. I just had a long lounge at Soundcontrol making tunes and all, afterwards I had a nice sushi meal at Wasabi

Afterwards I went to Stockwell to meet up with Michelle and co, they were quite late, I had nothing to do so I quickly took random photos of the tube, one in particular was this shot

Arty? Haha, anyway, Michelle and the gang finally arrived and we went to the venue, it was a pub :O haha. Did sound like one to be honest haha. Michelle brought along Caff as well as her friend Shel and Bucjo (from the museboard). Pleasant girls, Shel in particular said how Michelle mentioned me a lot and said I was a cool guy *nods*, that I am Michelle, that I am haha. We missed a few tracks but still managed to catch them at it, was nice. The band after that (Yunioshi) was really good too so I took some photos of them too :D, typically we’d leave after the gig but I stayed a bit longer with the band and had a chat with Kris and Michelle, was a nice evening, got to know them a bit better and all. I left soon after due to last trains etc.

But yeah, some photos.. during the gig I thought my photos werent sharp enough so I started tweaking the shutter speed at like 1/250, was a silly idea, turns out I had alot of light going on and it was sharp. Damn funny eyes haha

Oh and a disco ball came out of nowhere, was random!

Here’s the photos for Yunioshi, they’re really cute hehe

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