Last uni exam… EVAR!

Yes, you’ve heard it, last ever exam. And strangely things get biblical.

Anyway lets set the scene, wake up per usual. I actually haven’t revised much, I did print stuff out but nothing really went in. But instead of moping around I just started attempting the past papers and sample questions. It gave me an idea of how the questions were going to be and all. Initially I was a bit overwhelmed with the stuff I dont know how to answer, but gradually with alot of googling I managed to find all the answers I needed. I slowly did this from 8-9. I also had my last bowl of lucky charms (don’t worry, one more bag left haha), saved it for today for good luck. Not to mention my lucky duck hehe.

Anyway enough of the revision. I start heading off to uni at the same time I left for Advanced Databases, weird thing was how the buses arrived bang on when I was at the bus stop so I got to uni pretty swiftly. I was a bit early so I decided to do some shopping and bought Jason his birthday present in advance. I then went to uni and revised a bit more in the staff canteen. Thing were starting to make sense (just a tad to be honest) most of the questions were answered at home so I was just reading stuff at the canteen, like always nothing really got in haha.

Decided to just head to the venue and do the exam… and yeah.. guess where I’m doing the exam? HERE!

Thats right, the exam gets biblical, a really nice end to uni haha. The final judgement! (I actually could go on!) But yeah, it was pretty weird doing the exam there, there was a different woman leading the exam, she was just as evil as the other one (whats with the evil old ladies haha), she actually reported a kid for leaving their revision notes on the floor (regardless of reading it). Hope he doesnt get a fail for that. But yeah, the exam itself was REALLY easy, the lecturer was lazy and simply pasted the old exam questions in the paper! Just slightly tweaked in some areas, it was godly to answer, all I had to do was write the stuff I only just answered this morning. It still involved 2 hours worth of pen scribbling but nonetheless, its a good thing when you can use up 2 hours and just constantly write.

One of the best moments is when a light started to shine on my desk, oh yeah, was quite surreal, most people experienced the light shining onto their desk, it almost felt like god going “you are the chosen one! now start coding your xhtml semantics and make sure its web accessible” haha. But yeah, I even starting assuming the praying position just to sort of thank the lord for such an easy exam haha.

Afterwards I went out with Alex to buy a Krispy Kreme to celebrate, it was all a bit of an anticlimax to be honest, didn’t feel like it ended right, but nonetheless we ate our Krispy Kremes, had a game of DS Lite and went our ways. Quite alot of silly girls kept trying to talk to us, chances are if we had replied we would have got some, what with their “easy virtue” haha. Kingston was filled with chavs, the emo kids hanged around the basement of the shopping centre (typical) and sat near the Krispy Kremes store (trying to get nice and fat?)

But yeah… feels weird and all but its allllll over.. now I can official start lounging about! Leeds tomorrow woo!

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