Polysics, the japanese day

Today I was going to turn japanese haha, not only did I go out for a meal at Yo Sushi! I also managed to check out a japanese technicolour pogo punk band called Polysics. I met up with Michelle at Waterloo station where she was getting her tickets, I was almost given a £20 fine for using the South West trains! My friends kept saying how you could use oyster with it but how were they wrong! They let me off and made me buy a single fare. Phew

Anyway, we went to Picadilly Circus to visit Yo Sushi! for some sushi action. Michelle was only going to try the veggie yakisoba as well as the inari nigir (tofu nigiri). I literally went all out again with salmon nigiri (softer and meltier than the BBQ weekend sushi experience) and also have some chicken yakisoba, chicken yakitori and prawn tempura. The food was yummy, though the prawn tempura was smaller than the other times I’ve had it, it was still awesome!

Michelle wasn’t too good with chopsticks so I gave her the easier ones hehe, but she said she’ll learn in future, not to mention drink more green tea because she liked it (other time she tried ginseng tea which was a bit more strong and hardcore haha). She enjoyed her inari nigiri and yakisoba which was good, the portions were perfect for her, its all about small bites innit.

We then headed off to Liverpool Street to meet Michelle’s friend from Virgin Megastores Rene.  We then found the Spitz where Polysics were playing and got stamped for guestlist stuff, unfortunately it was a bit stuffy so Michelle decided we should go out for a bit until the band starts, we went to a closeby Tescos and bought drinks before the event. We than sat around for a bit and had a talk, I was being slightly antisocial with my WAP hehe oops.

We then go into the venue to check out the band. There were on by the time we were inside the venue again. They were AMAZING, exactly how Michelle described them, the term pogo in their self categorised genre was the perfect way of describing them, everyone song was pogo headbangable! The gig was intense and exhilerating, they wore their glasses throughout the gig, during the gig the keyboardist did quite a lot of cool and cute things including shaking pom poms (cheerleader style), playing the recorder and doing loads of vocoders stuff.

I was easily able to smuggle my DSLR camera, they weren’t really checking so I could have brought a gun for all I know. Here’s a lovely selection of photos:

The band were really cute since they knew VERY VERY little Engrish (yup Engrish), they sort of get their R’s and L’s wrong so they kept saying “HERRO!” hehe. At one point the singer said “Do you know what Porysics stand for?” “Porysics stands for ROCK AND FUCKING ROWW!” whilst sticking his middle finger in front of the crowd, so yeah, that explains the photo below in case you think they were up themselves and started swearing at the crowd, he simply had no idea haha.

One of the songs was called “I My Me Mine” and featured the keyboardist playing a cute recorder riff, I really liked it hehe.

The bassist was a crazy lady too, she downed a beer in front of everyone and went nuts during a few songs hehe.

It was an amazing gig, I bought myself a wristband and am now listening to their studio stuff, Michelle said Polysics should support Muse and I totally agree with it purely because the band would actually love them, not to mention the fans.

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