The ultimate Muse Wembley Stadium Weekend (Saturday)

Right, lets get straight down to part 2 of this epic triology (with a spin off episode where me kiernan and kazzie go see The Silent Years), a quick summary of the previous day includes me heading to yo sushi! going to trafalgar square to laugh at muse fans, heading to kazzie’s place for bbq and crashing at her place with Kazzie, Inn, Kiernan, Popey, Jon, Ste, Beast Bob, Lauren, Max and Aino. Everyone slept around 2-3am whilst I was being restless the whole evening. I managed to get about 2 hours sleep before cleaning the garden up and taking an ungodly bath. We continue off when people start getting up, ready for the first Wembley Stadium performance with Muse.

The godly sounds of the word…”godly”

The sky is now a lovely shade of light blue, birds are still singing and people in the living room are starting to show signs of life. I randomly met some of Kazzie’s mums friends, it was funny saying hello to them. I felt a bit out of place since Kazzie was still in sleep. Eventually everyone woke up and complained about the lack of sleep they had, I kept talking about how godly of a bath I had, I think I repeated the word “godly” several times (no wait, i dont think, i know, you’ll see soon). Sooner or later Kiernan and Inn emerge in the living room too, I think at around 9am since they did plan on waking up at 10am. Inn complained that I was constantly using the word “godly” that my voice sort of went through the ceiling and straight into her ears hehe bless. I apologised and made people tea.

“You could of had everything!”

Whilst settling down, we watched some tv, namely challenge TV. I think we managed to catch some Crystal Maze and Takeshi’s castle, with Takeshi’s castle we pondered at the thought of the amount of casualties made from the show. Some of them are ever so close in falling down and crashing their skulls into the hard concrete bits of the course. I said that they simply didn’t air all the casualties and that under the rivers and ponds are a nice layer of dead bodies and decomposed corpses of ex contestants who missed the platform or fell off the bridge the bad sort of way. Though left with a sinister and morbid thought we were soon cheered up with the contestants falling over comically 🙂 theres one of the courses where you had to catch a ball that was falling down a maze type thing, you had to sort of predict where the ball would come out and sort of jump for and catch it with a bucket. There was one contestant who saw the ball fall down into the muddy pond but felt obliged to just jump face first into the muddy pond any, weird Japanese. I explained about an endurance gameshow (japanese naturally) I saw on Tarrent on TV in which contestants were to take laxatives and have a lovely camel ride, the aim was to see who was the last person to you know… relax themselves, there was a toilet in the middle of the arena and the camels just rode around in circles.

After Takeshi’s castle we watched some Crystal Maze, this was immense, Popey explained how him and his friends used to shout out “AUTOMATIC LOCK IN” whenever there was an automatic lock in clause in some of the rooms. Unfortunately the contestant managed to pass the courses that had the clause. We werent pleased, it was funny how we didn’t want them to win. A winning team is a boring team! Everytime a contestant would give up in a room we would all shout “YOU COULD OF HAD IT ALL!” or “YOU COULD OF HAD EVERYTHING!” in the most dramatic voice ever. The team didn’t win this time which was a plus! Haha, not like the prizes are amazing anyway.

Back to the Harrow on the Hill

After some Crystal Maze action everyone was pumped up and ready to head off for the meetup and stuff, I had to meet up with Alice at Kings Cross so I had a bit of a diversion to take, not to mention selling my tickets to someone on Musebay. Kazzie’s mum asked for two strong men to carry some fridge into the house, initially I was assigned that role but I passed it onto Jon and Ste since i’m just skin and bones, inn went off to take photos of them doing the handy job haha.

I unloaded most of my stuff into a plastic bag and left it at Kazzie’s place, I was once again assigned in Inn’s car whilst Kazzie followed behind Inn to Harrow on the Hill. I can’t remember the car arrangements but thats a bit trivial. I think Kiernan was in the car with me too, Kazzie was slightly mad that we had all left her behind at the end and that noone was going to sit with her. I wasn’t too fussed at who’s car I was sitting in. Inn quickly told me to go and sit in Kazzie’s car, but once I started walking to Kazzie’s car it seemed that Max and Aino were to sit in Kazzie’s car. Having that sorted, we were ready to head off to Harrow on the Hill. I think…

Once we were at the Harrow on the Hill we met up with Gem and Cara in their hotel room, Kazzie was worried about parking and stuff so we ensured that Stephie was going to ask the Hotel people that Kazzie’s car was hers so it wouldn’t get clamped and all. Upon entering Gem and Cara’s room I quickly went to the toilet for a wee, only to find a floater in the toilet.. *shudders* after doing my business I quickly flushed the toilet and went outside to tell people theres a floater, Leon suddenly appeared and then I just glared at him haha. After some bantering we went to Stephie’s place for a bit, she was surfing on the net in her room with the TV, fancy. I think inn then went off to find Ril, so me and Kazzie (and Kiernan i think) were left lounging around with Stephie whilst she did her make up. After some bantering and squabbling everyone all met up and were ready to go to baker street where most of the people were (the actual Musers Meetup, held in Regents park).

I think by now the following people were about; Inn, Kazzie, Stephie, Kiernan, Gem, Leon and Ril, Aino and Max sort of headed off to Harrow on Hill by themselves whilst the others were on other cars meeting us all at Regents Park. During the tube journey we went passed Wembley Stadium and sighed that we will be seeing them soon, I think someone mentioned how they saw people already camping outside the venue waiting to get some golden circle action! Sad sad sad! We quickly sang happy birthday to Ril since yesterday was his birthday and all, we were originally going to do the “Hip hip, HORAY!” thing but he was too old to we only did 3 and counted them as decades haha!

Once we were at Baker Street I managed to meet up with my Musebay ticket buyer (David Ticketman, thats right, his surname is Ticketman), we quickly did our transaction in the dodgiest way possible, Inn and the gang walked passed us and laughed at our dodgey dealings but I shoo’d them away. An additional £80 spending money for the weekend was nice! The guy was actually buying 7 tickets for his friends and all, sounds a bit crazy if you ask me (especially when you find out that touts were selling 3 Muse wembley tickets for a tenner!). After selling my tickets I left Inn and the others to find eat or do whatever they were supposed to do whilst I went to pick up Alice at Kings Cross Station.

Meeting up with Alice

Alice had just finished her major exams on Friday (which was why she wasn’t about on Friday) and wanted to join in with us all since her friends she was going were travelling at a different time and all. The morning was pretty hectic for Alice since there was a flood in Halifax which meant she had to drive all the way to Bradford Station in high speed megaoverdrive. Gem explained earlier on how Halifax never floods and that it was funny how it was flooding today. Alice however managed to catch the train from Leeds to London. Her luggage was a bit too minimal since she didnt bring her mp3 player which meant she was just left sitting around in the train for 2 hours.

Back in London, I was queuing up in Kings Cross station for paper one day travel cards for Alice since she didn’t have an Oyster. The queue was pretty long so I thought I’d save some time by queueing up (rather then lounging about in the station for 30 minutes and doing that again). After purchasing the ticket I tried looking for a poncho or something waterproof since it was raining quite a bit now. I had a look at boots but to no avail :(. Eventually Alice’s train arrives on Platform 1, I grace Alice with a nice long hug and we begin heading off to Baker Street where everyone was waiting for us (I told them that we were quite close anyway so we could have easily met them and all), not before a quick toilet break, apparently the toilets in the carriage was broken so she couldn’t use it so she just went to the one in the station. It was pretty funny waiting for her and hearing women coming out of it whilst rolling their eyes and complaining about how long the queue was (got to love male toilets, you just go in and out within seconds haha). We quickly headed off to Baker Street to meet up with the rest of the gang.

Alice, Mission 1: Guide the lost french man

As soon as we arrive in Baker Street we were given to directions to the cafe that inn and the rest were sitting around in. Initially when I walked passed Weatherspoons I told Alice that this was the most likely going to be the meeting place for musers! (more from this later) Upon meeting up with inn and co at the cafe, Alice was immediately given a mission to help some poor french man with directions and all. Ril was actually trying to help the guy first since he knew a bit of French but it didn’t work too well. It was pretty funny see her go at it helping the french guy, I constantly joked around with everyone by doing Joey’s take of speaking French (“Bler de la bler! De blue bla blei” (see, italics make me sound french, i bet you thought that too :P)). After some french banter, we discover that the guy wants to go to Marble Arch and all from Baker Street using his magical map. It was pretty confusing because Alice was good at her french but had no idea what the guy wanted to go or do exactly. It got really confusing and eventually Alice gave up hehe. Bless. I blamed the french guy for being confusing, if he wanted to get to Marble Arch than he could of took the tube to Marble arch, thats what the tube is for :p.

The nando’s sniffing nose

Still raining, we decided that the park wasn’t a good idea to be so where to go? Max had mentioned that he was going to take away a Nando’s so immediately we knew that there was a Nando’s, the trouble is where? This was where my super sensitive nando’s nose was put to use. I managed to quickly point at the place we should be walking to get to Nando’s. Now I haven’t been to this nando’s before, neither have I looked at any maps prior to this meetup. Lo and behold, after walking down the road a bit (every was slightly sceptical that I could find it) we find a nice Nando’s restaurant gracing us with their godly flamed grilled chicken aroma. I was smug about it, once again I was about to sniff out another Nando’s. We all went inside and got ourselves a seat. I think this is where I constantly kept calling people “kind stranger” (though I was doing it quite a lot on Friday too). Everytime I was served at a restaurant, shop or the venue I would say “thank you kind stranger” at the end. Usually I’m greeted with nice responses and all which was good, most of the time the staff were confused.

We had some lovely seats downstairs with big cushioned up chairs. We all ordered our food (I think just me, Alice and Leon ordered since Gem, Ril and Inn finished eating their breakfast not long ago) Alice had extra hot pita per usual but I chose hot for my wings. Alice wasn’t too pleased that I picked hot haha. I preferred extra hot on whole chickens and hot on chicken wings! Ho hum. Leon had
a veggie pita since he was a veggie.


During the nando’s fest Stephie and Kiernan phone inn up wondering where we were, we told them that we were at Nando’s in Baker Street. They initially had no idea where to go and all so it was up to inn to guide them to the restaurant. It was really funny listening to inn give directions and all, I was constantly going “head to KFC” since Nando’s was located in the same road as KFC and it was nice and red, but inn was persistent in not telling them to look for a KFC, she constantly used other places such as Starbucks and Pizza Express, Stephie and Kiernan were very confused. Kiernan later on explains to me how the stores inn suggested were on the corner so they had no idea which road inn was talking about. In the end KFC saved the day as a noticeable landmark and Kiernan and Stephie were able to find us, KFC 1 – Inn 0 haha.

We were now joined with Stephie and Kiernan who were very hungry (like us) and were ready to feast on the beasts (except Stephie, she feasts on bits of vegetables). I remember how relieved I was when I ate my food because I was really hungry after having just a burger and some burnt yakitori’s for dinner last night, and since I was sleeping outside and all I felt a bit weak and all so the food really helped! The spices helped out on my nose too as it was getting a bit sniffly haha. Kiernan was a bit scared on the heat of the peri peri sauce so she ordered just a medium for her chicken pita (you cant get any fitter with a chicken in a pita). She wasn’t impressed by the heat (medium are for losers thats why!) So yeah, we have a lovely meal and all. I think Stephie ordered some frozen yoghurt in which Inn happily helped herself in some (she did ask dont worry hehe). We then started to play a game on how tall we can get the frozen yoghurt, well it wasn’t a game since it was more of a task for me to see how tall I could get it. I was warned that the machine was located upstairs and all so not only did i need to ooze the frozen yoghurt out of the machine in a way that it stands up tall, i need to quickly run back downstairs to show everyone before the whole thing falls apar, the final masterpiece was pretty tall, though a bit of it fell off (which I quickly attached back on)

Right after taking photos of the frozen yoghurt, Inn suggested I’d eat the thing without using my hands, it wasn’t hard at all but you were guaranteed an instant brain freeze! I do so and as predictable as ever I got brain freeze. Inn somehow managed to dare Ril to do the same thing too which was funny because he got frozen yoghurt all over his mouth when doing it hehe. After all chicken was consumed as well as the mountain of frozen yoghurt we decided to meet up the rest of the gang before we headed off to Wembley Stadium, we phoned them up to ask where they were… and guess where? “Weatherspoons!”

I immediately told Alice about how predictable musers were in terms of places. They could not escape the curse that is weatherspoons, its all about the cheap alcohol I suppose.

A very brief meet and greet

I think this was one of the shortest meetups I’ve been to (short for me anyway, only because we were at nando’s eating). Upon arriving we were greeted with millions of musers (millions is a lie but it did feel like a lot!) It was confusion all the way, most of the unknown musers I have never met were lingering at the back of the pub whilst the ones I’ve met were all walking around meeting each other. As Stu explained, it felt like speeding dating only without the dates and more weirdo’s haha. Alice hadn’t a clue of most of the musers around, she knew the obvious ones but lacked to recognise the less obvious ones. She said how she thought Max was a lot taller and all (but he’s not bless). I managed to simply point and tell alice who most of them were, I did a pretty good job as well (until I reached to the random people at the back where I had no idea who they were either), I really should of did a proper meet and greet. Naming the people present at Weatherspoons is going to be a painful and pointless task so its probably best for you to just look at the photos and find out who’s who! Some key new characters that I met and had a slightly longer chat with were Gemsy, Blee and Haze I think, Haze was fun to speak to again in particular since we only met last year in November for Muse at Wembley Arena.

After a quick banter Inn decided to take some mega ultra group shots of everyone, so in order to do that she required everyone’s attention. Who else can generate enough attention on a crowd so big? Me haha. Initially I was going to slam the table at an ungodly rate, Phoenix Wright Style but my arms were still weak from lack of energy and sleep from last night so I sort of managed to stand on the coffee table type table and do an Aino impression. I dont think aino and max aren’t aware of this impression still but basically during the February Mona meetup when we were doing all sorts of challenges; Aino did a Salmiaki challenge and to get everyone’s attention she shouted “everybody listen to me” in her funny accent. So now whenever I called everyone’s attention I used Aino’s line and accent to draw everyone’s attention, the sheer sillyness of it managed to get everyone’s attention and all! Wish I had done the slam to be honest, people love the slams :p. I told everyone to get ready for some big group shots as Inn whipped out her DSLR camera equipped with a nice wide 18-55mm lens (wish I had mine). Seeing as I wasn’t really keen on being in group photos I whipped my DSLR camera out too and started taking separate broken down shots of the group whilst Inn was focusing on a wide group shot. It was fun because I just made them stand around for 5 minutes and a bit. Funny thing about my shots were that they were totally random ones, I really wasn’t concentrating so most of them turned out blurry due to a slow shutter speed. Below are some shots, some people are looking quite natural judging from their expressions but some (like Ril) were plainly posing hehe.

Hand up = Go, Hand down = Stop

After taking some group shots we were ready to head to Wembley Stadium, since I had already got everyones attention I was yet again leading everyone to get to Wembley Stadium, Inn and Leon had to quickly drive back to the hotel since Leon had left his ticket in the hotel (silly him!), not to mention a few people wanted to unload some stuff back in the hotel rather than bringing them along to the gig and all. I was cool, I had my camera nice and smuggled in my bag with bits and bobs in my laptop bag for the gig (some of which were to distract the guards and all!). They left slightly earlier than everyone else.
Back to leading, I quickly did another Aino impression and we were all ready to head off, at one point Alice had to use the bathroom and told me to promise her not to leave her once she’s in the toilet hehe bless. I had to do the same thing too (was a long trip and I had a bit too much bottomless action! (bottomless drink that is, not man love with a guy with a flat arse!)).

The journey was filled with random stops to check up on people and perform headcounts but I managed to establish a simple rule that is; if my hands is up, you go, if it’s down you stop and wait. A lot of waiting was required for people to top up their stuff and buy tickets. Once the long wait was over we went straight to our station, to our amazement Inn and Leon were there in the carriage. We quickly ran down the stairs to get into the same carriage as them. It was quite a rush since the last people barely got in. Next time when you’re in a big group just split them into smaller teams, its a lot more manageable and all

It seems that the train was just waiting around for quite some time before it headed off which was why Inn and Leon were still there. Once the train was moving we started talking in our own little groups, at one point we all started singing happy birthday to Ril again, it was far more majestic and grand than this morning’s singing since we now had more people involved. Once we arrived at the station things become harder to manage since people knew exactly where they were going. Me, Alice and Gem knew we had to wait a bit before heading in anyway since Gem had to wait for Cara and Alice had to wait for her friends to give them their tickets. We walked pretty close to the stadium and decided it was best for us to stop and wait, eventually we saw Haze come back saying how he was hungry and needed to use the bathroom since he had a bladder of a 9 year old girl. Since the food in Wembley Station was extortionate, we decided to head to McDonalds for Haze to unload his bladder and fill up his stomach. We still had plenty of time to spare since they were only support bands playing (I’ve become more and more prone to missing support bands and only seeing the main act!).

The long long wait for 4 drunken people

As well as a visit to McDonalds people also went to the cash machine to get some money and all, alot of road crossing was required but I kept ensuring that people used the zebra crossing purely because it was there to pay tribute to the dead spirits of a zebra who was once run over while crossing the road. McDonalds was pretty packed with other fans wanting to have a quick bite before they goto the gig, the toilets there were funny as you saw a nice long queue of people waiting to goto the toilet, I later on realise that they were all women so the men’s toilets were in fact free and ready to go! In the toilet, some guy was actually trying to sell tickets to me! I said no and then he started to approach other people in the toilet, asking whether or not they wanted tickets haha….some weirdo (but at least he tried I guess).

Afterwards we managed to meet up with Kev, Inn and Leon. We however still needed to wait for Alice’s friends before we could go, there were apparently drunk and stuck in Stockwell station. We had a quick visit to the local newsagent as well as Wimpy’s where kev bought some chips. Other than that we were sat around the meet area near Wembley Park waiting for Alice’s friends to turn up. Now and then we would hear announcements telling people not to congregate in the station as well as not stop to take photos of Wembley Stadium (people did so anyway! dumbasses). The wait wasn’t too bad since we had loads to talk about and all, one really vile topic involved why the golden circle was called… the golden circle, and how Muse were going to do a GWAR and literally fire canon’s of Matt’s urine all over the crowd…. this is what you get when you mixed Leon and Kev together. I was starting to understand why Kev invited him to see Muse and all. Hmmm, when I said the wait wasn’t too bad, that was a lie… it was actually pretty bad! The time sitting there was ungodly, Alice would now and then apologise for her friends and Leon would tell her to give him her phone so he could have a proper yell at them. People became slightly impatient about it all and my neck was getting sore from turning around to check if the new batch of people were Alice’s friends. Though I dont know why I did that because I had no idea what they looked like.

It did take a while but eventually Alice’s friends arrived to pick up their tickets, we were trying to persuade Alice to just throw the tickets at them and throw a fit at them since they made us miss a few bands and all, but Alice just handed the tickets over to them where they quickly gathered around the envelope to look at the tickets. It was cool, we didn’t need to go with them since they were already quite pissed as well as the fact that we were pissed too (pissed off at them haha), Alice was really sorry that we had to wait for them to arrive and that they were so late and all. Bless

The ticket process was pretty straight forward, you hand in your ticket and they would wristband you up with a standing or seating wristband, we initially thought Haze had a golden circle pass but found out that he just had a normal one like everyone else bless hehe. I managed to have a friendly chat with the ticket man about how his day was, twas fun. Up to the bag checkers, they did a really slack job! They just had a quick gander at my bag and left it like that, little did they know that I was smuggling a DSLR camera and telezoom lens! Finding the entrance to the standing area was quite tedious too, eventually kev asked someone and we found the block number we were supposed to enter in.

Wow, everything was so… white… and big!

I must say upon entering the stadium I wasn’t too surprised about the size of the Stadium, it felt a bit like Wembley Arena to be honest. The catastrophic size didn’t really hit me at all throughout the gig. We eventually found Kiernan and the rest of the gang who were standing around the centre of the stadium. Alice needed to use the toilet so she nipped off for a bit (again I promised her I wouldn’t leave her). I was still adjusting myself to the size of the venue, nothing really clicked to be honest, Alice kept asking me on whether not I was excited and I kept saying how I wasn’t really excited, and I’ll probably be excited only when Muse start playing. Back to describing the venue, I suppose the size of the venue is mainly due to the amount of seats there were, after all its for football matches so it’s all about the seating.

The standing area was split up in a weird shape, there were two “golden circles” in which the first comers were located, and then there was the standing area for normal people. I found the idea silly since there was a lot of space at the back of the golden circle, its weird how Wembley would cripple the view of so many people by separating the early people with the people who turn up at a decent and less ungodly time. The reason why there were two golden circles was because theres a lovely split in the middle that leads straight up to the stage. I initially thought that there was an inner and outer circle and felt that to be even more ridiculous and arsey about where people would stand. The only benefit I felt the golden circle achieved was to stop people who just randomly arrived to the venue to just barge all the way to the front, but to me, this is one of the beauties of gigs haha. Ah well, enjoy some wide shots of the venue to have a clearer idea of what the venue looks like.. I didn’t take them because I knew I had to upload them and I was more about taking money shots this weekend haha.

A weak bladder will get you lost in Wembley Stadium

There was an announcement in the stadium, telling us that the Streets will be performing in 5 minutes, Alice had came back from her bathroom break, but now it was time for me to need it! (Worst time ever). I told her to hold on to my bag and not to leave me hehe. I quickly ran back to the stadium for a quick toilet break, the queue wasn’t too bad but walking there was a pain (it was Wembley Stadium). Upon coming back to the Stadium, I was lost, The Streets have started playing and there was more people about! I couldn’t see Alice and everyone else. I knew the only landmark that everyone was standing next to which was the grey thing, I started to follow it but somehow I ended further down the left hand side of the stage and still lost like silly. I was dangerously lost! Since when is it hard finding someone in the crowd with ginger hair (I was spotting kev’s hair since there’s not many ginger people in the area) Since the crowd was more packed then beforehand I thought it was almost impossible to find them, I knew Stephie was standing on the rails so that was my hint that I had to get nearer the stalls! I did, but people weren’t happy, usually I’m quite nimble at squishing through people without them complaining (since I’m quite thin and all) but this time people weren’t too happy of people going passed them, one wanker thought it was funny to push me deliberately right after I got passed him, was pathetic if you ask me, its not like I’m going to fall, I’m wedged into a crowd and the push really didn’t seem like a push, just a minor inconvenience. Not to mention I was actually moving back from the stage rather then forward, why would it matter that I’m moving around the stage? Still lost silly I tried texting Alice that I was lost, apparently she started dispatching other people to come and find me.

Now I was quite further down the stage, this is where it sprung to me that perhaps they weren’t that close to the stage, perhaps it was my natural instinct to try and get closer to the stage rather than finding everyone else. I decided to retreat properly and work my way from the front of the stalls, I eventually saw Alice and everyone, their area was more relaxed than further down the standing area which was good haha. I was relieved that I got back, it would have been pretty silly if I saw the gig myself, wedged in with a lot of stupid Streets fans haha. I told them about the pushing and all, it was definitely a bad place to be during the Muse gig if it was already squishy now! I mean come on! Its the Streets playing! I find out about the whole search team out to look for me and I felt a bit guilty about it, but nonetheless I was back! Phew

All we hear is? Come on! Jump!

Man the streets were really bad at controlling a crowd. There was no energy in them, I don’t think Stadium gigs really suited them to be honest. Most of the time you could only hear the music, its the rapping and singing that were a bit, meh? Most of the time he wasn’t exactly singing, just talking throughout the gig. The crowd in my area really detested Mike Skinner, there was one bit where he did a Time Is Running Out cover, that didn’t go down too well with the crowd as well. It was really awkward, it was like cousins having sex. I do enjoy listening to the Streets at the comfort of my own home because you can hear everything nicely and mixed nicely, but it was just really really bad here.

Now to really add to the awkwardness of the gig, Mike Skinner constantly sang the chorus line in Queen’s “Radio ga ga” (All we hear is, Radio ga ga…), but he was hoping to get the crowd to participate in it, he sang “All we hear is…” and tried getting the crowd to go “radio ga ga”. Perhaps the people in the golden circle were saying it, but at our end all we hear are people telling him to shut up of f**k off haha. It was pretty painful seeing him doing it. The thing is, he did this not just once, not twice, but 7 or 8 times throughout the gig! Everytime at our end the crowd were just agitated from it all. Mike Skinner explains how he saw Queen do it on their Live at Wembley Stadium DVD (bless, he was researching!) and really wanted to get the same reaction. The problem lies here, Freddie Mercury didn’t do it 7 or 8 times and more importantly, Queen were the headline, everyone bought tickets to see Queen (unless My Chemical Romance were supporting haha) so obviously the entire Stadium loved Queen, so it was easy being able to pull that off if you were actually Queen performing, not when you’re the streets. As well as doing this “All we here is..” crap, he tried getting the crowd to jump too. Apparently he tried that in Leeds Festival too and noone was listening to him hehe, that felt just as awkward as well, I think they should of just stuck to playing and singing, they were too cocky as a support band for Muse I’d say, he even kept jinxing the damn weather by constantly saying “Please don’t rain”. A lot of head shakes one must say…Alice kept closing her eyes and just sleeping it off since they were that bad hehe.

Look its Muuuse ascending from the centre of the Stadium!

After the Streets were had a nice break for soundchecking and instrument moving etc. We discussed about how bad the Streets were and took some photos of each other. The sky was beginning to turn dark and all which was perfect (since the lighting rocked most when it’s nice and dark!) and suddenly the DJ music stopped. The crowd went at it and screamed like loons and suddenly… the big grey box next to us starts spewing confetti! What a weird place to fire confetti onto the crowd, then suddenly the music started kicking in and you could see heads slowly ascending from the grey box. It was Muse (duh haha)! Quite an unexpected entrance one must say, purely for the fact that they were sitting inside that grey box for quite some time before the show starts. It makes you wonder what they were doing inside, perhaps they had an xbox 360 set up inside and were just playing against each other, perhaps they had a lovely view for the support acts? or perhaps they had their DS Lites out playing Brain Training against each other.

It was funny watching Muse just stand there posing whilst everyone cheered at them, they then started to walk down the crowd to the stage with some random people in yellow suits following them. We couldn’t see but from the photos they sound like fun ha!. They kicked off the gig with Knights of Cydonia which everyone later on complains to be a good opener but would have preferred it if it was the finisher instead of Take a Bow. I’m not going to review the gig itself too much since you can read reviews and stuff for that, however I will bullet point some noticeable things during the show, for full details you could check Musewiki for the setlist and notes, anyway, some bullet points:

  • Dan the trumpet man was here to play Knights of Cydonia and City of Delusion, was happy they played that, he got a nice mention and all, I think Stephie and a few others were talking about how “fit” he was haha
  • Morgan received no attention this time! Popey was heartbroken, I don’t think you could even see him at the gig. I think Muse are keen on making Muse a 3 member band now
  • Some of the clips on the screens were fun to watch, some were a bit obscure and Windows Media Player visualiser esque, I loved the feeling good one with the cherry blossom petals, plug in baby’s one was awesome too.
  • Most of the songs were extended and finished off with a riff fest, was lovely for moshing
  • I didn’t really use my smuggled camera since we were standing in a place that was difficult to take photos in, not to mention the amount of security guards standing in front of us all. Would have had it instantly confiscated!
  • There was this crazy haired lady who was a bit too enthusiastic about the gig (hence why she’s crazy), she spilled wine over some guy and almost got wine on us, she went nuts on all of the songs! Alice was a bit scared from her especially when she kept jumping on her feet! They should have a pit for crazy women and see whether or not they could cope with not being “the annoying crazy one”. I kinda had the feeling that she was the same crazy lady that was dancing along during Bliss when Muse played at Wembley Arena.
  • Dom’s green trousers, Dom’s green trousers, Dom’s green trousers! I think Muse are trying to use Dom to target the gay scene
  • Soldiers Poem was the mobile phone waving song, it was fun and sappy, I tried recording a footage of it on my phone with deliberate phone swaying.
  • Unintended was ultra chees, nonetheless a song to sway with the person you’re next to hehe, I’m quite glad that they’ve kept Unintended ultra simple with Matt on the acoustic and Chris on the bass.
  • Microcuts was played this evening (not the other I’m afraid), that was fun to listen to!
  • During blackout, aerial acrobat ladies ascended from the stadium via balloons and danced around throughout the song, this was one of best moments of the gig, was spectacular and really complimented with the song, I managed to take out my DSLR camera for that occasion, though most of the shots werent too good haha.

That’s about it, I also managed to set my life ambition for the gig, which was to give one of the security guards a hi5! At first it was impossible getting his attention and all, and when I did we tried it twice and missed! GARGH! He gave up and went back to his job while I screamed “nooooooooo!”. It would have been something I would have regretted to do for the rest of my life! Luckily near the end I saw him again and managed to get that hi5 in the end haha! Then the rest of the musers gave him a hi5 too. Stephie was lucky enough to get the guards to get her the setlist they possessed which was lucky, we pondered at what she had to do or show to get that setlist haha.

Muse finished with Take a Bow which was a bit of a weird climax, the flames near the end was the best though! For a moment there they were rammstein haha. Jus that one moment :p. Now here’s the hard bit… How the hell do you get 77,000 odd people out of Wembley Stadium and back to whence they came?

The ungodly exit and the forever vanishing Kazzie

Getting out of the venue and back to Harrow on the Hill was a pain! So many people were oozing out of the venue, and unless you have a light sabre like Celtic Rose and Firebaptist (who weren’t with us) its actually really hard to find each other in the dark, lost in a sea of sweaty and horny musers (i’m assuming the ones at Trafalgar Square were still horny after the Muse gig).

We made the big G sign (exit G) outside our meeting point, we phoned up people who were missing in the group and managed to gather everyone to the sign and all. Finally out of nowhere emerged Kazzie and Adam, they were nowhere to be seen during the entire purely because they both went off somewhere else to see Muse and all. Adam looked as gay as ever so I mocked him on that one and Kazzie just looked silly with her big yellow shiny thing and silly clothes (apparently loads of people spotted her during the gig!). I managed to meet Adams mum and all and strangely gave her a hi5 (probably some excess hi5 mojo coming from the security guard I hi5’d earlier on). Eventually we had everyone and was ready to head off. We tried being sly about it all and held each other’s hands to make sure noone is lost. Kazzie was the main culprit of disappearing, she wanted to speak to Adam some more but wasn’t aware that the trains were going to stop after a certain time so it was crucial that we got to the station as soon as possible. Kev thought the announcement said that the met line closes at 11:15pm odd which I felt very strange since trains usually stop running after midnight. I kept asking kev if he was sure and he kept assuring me that was the case (in the end is wasn’t haha).

The entire road back to Wembley Park station was flooded! I would have been easy for one person to worm their way out of the crowd but we had a big group with us, and having Kazzie disappearing so many times meant that we were in trouble in terms of catching the last tube home. Once Kazzie and Adam said their goodbyes, Kazzie was instantly texting adam and everything. Now remember this, Kazzie is letting loads of us stay at her place, not to mention she had to drive people around, so we really couldn’t lose her and all. This was were people started to get annoyed with Kazzie and told her to stop being distracted and make sure she’s still with the team. At one point we were disturbingly lost and we needed Inn to get on Leons shoulders and wave an umbrella to get Kazzie’s attention because she was left at the back again! During this time I kept spanking Inn’s butt and telling kev to join in (in which he started to pinch it haha). It was fun until Inn started attacking kev for it, he was a serial butt pincher the entire day, Stephie’s bottom was most likely in prune state from all of kev’s cheeky bottom pinching. We were getting very worried about Kazzie but we eventually managed to find her again, we were in a position where we seriously couldn’t lose anyone since there was a crowd of people heading to Wembley Park station and we weren’t in a position to wait (especially with the train deadline and all).

Eventually we all manage to get into Wembley Park station, some of us wanted to go to Baker Street whilst some needed to get to Harrow on the Hill, so this was where we had to part with some of the musers (can’t remember who to be honest! haha). We headed to your platform and managed to squeeze in with the other musers into the carriage. It was VERY packed! This was where I was able to do the sardines joke! It was funny when Stephie was squashed by so many tall people hehe, you couldnt see anything but a hole where Stephie was sort of crouching and hiding from all the tall people (ie everyone), Bless.

The legend of Kebabland

It was packed but we still managed to have fun talking to everyone in the carriage, eventually we were freed from the carriage and go out of Harrow on the Hill station. People were hungry (kev mainly) and so Kev decided to take everyone to Kebabland (land of Kebabs) to get something to eat. Upon arriving at Kebabland we immediately got ordering, the seating area was closed off which meant we were only able to takeaway the food or just lounge around the place and eat standing up or squatting. The staff working there had the funniest accents and none of them were really able to say the phrase “next please?”, the word next was alright, its when they say please it sounds more like “pliz” or “plis” or even “bliss”. When I was ordering I kept commenting on their funny accents hehe. I ordered myself a shish kebab and some water (for Alice since she was thirsty). Alice didn’t want anything because she wasn’t really hungry, I think nando’s was all good for her.

I then started explaining why I preferred shish over doner kebabs, purely because you’re getting proper chunks of meat being grilled on the spot rather then some random bit of processed meat getting heated up on a stick. Doner kebabs are nice, but it has to be in classy greek kebab restaurants and all. Kebabland, although having seats, didn’t seem to make quality doner kebabs, so yeah, shish it was. I tried asking the waiters how kebabs were made but was interrupted by a guy with a bloody nose. Ah well. Once we ordered everything we decided to head back to the hotel, I wasn’t keen on eating in Kebabland so I was saving it till when we get to the hotel so I can eat in peace please/plis/plees.

We stayed at Gem and Cara’s hotel room for a bit, finishing off our food and all, had a lovely chat about the gig and everything. Kazzie was absolutely mashed from the gig and was lying in the bed. Once all the food was consumed we began planning our ungodly trip back to the hotel. I think Ste and Popey were heading to Kazzie’s place from Baker Street so we had to head off soon and all in case they had to just wait around in the car for us or something, i dunno. Once Kazzie got some energy back we were off again. I can’t remember the seating arrangements too well but I think Alice, Blee and her friend were in Kazzie’s car whilst me and kiernan were in Inn’s car. I think inn led the way again whilst Kazzie followed, soon after we reached Kazzieland kazzie pretty much knew where she was going and it was sort of a free for all. The car journey wasn’t that bad.. bad seating arrangements if you ask me haha *grovels* :p I can’t remember which car journey it was I was required to give directions to but yeah, one of the car journey’s I was giving directions to inn to drive back to Kazzie’s and all. At one point I had my head on one side as if I was dead and I think Kazzie phoned up to ask if was alright or not haha, the sniffles had caught up with me again, definitely no trampoline time tonight haha!

We eventually got home and pretty much got ready to sleep! We initially wanted a second BBQ but since it was far too late and everyone was tired, we decided it was definitely not a good idea and all. I quickly nabbed my duvet I needed, Alice had her own sleeping bag and all. No mattress was found so we were a bit stuck, there was an air bed but that was just ridiculous to get set up. It was electrically powered to blow up and all but the noises made were ungodly. Everytime I turned on the on switch for it to inflate I would get an ungodly whriling noise, each time would turn it off and apologise to everyone. I tried messing with the settings but it was still really loud. I think I tried turning on the switch about 6 or 7 times before giving up completely and sleeping in the floor :(. Blee and Popey were sleeping in the other room and I warned Blee about the snoring Popey emitted during the night, not to mention Ste’s. It was actually funny listening to Popey snore; me, alice and ste were still awake and all when Popey was sleeping and they all managed to catch me recording Popey snore AGAIN haha! We had quite a chuckle but eventually we all fell to sleep, well most of us anyway…

Next up, the finale of the trilogy; some more nando’s action, VIP pass cockups, some godly photos of Muse and finally, Curryland!

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