And the results are in….

This is where it all comes down to, a piece of paper with the classification you are awarded. 3 Years of coursework, exams, random lecturers and seminars and it all comes down to this one piece of paper. The entire morning was a complete panic as to whether or not I’ll be getting the results I deserve but here it is…

I’ve said this many times but…OH YEAH!!! haha. I was jumping in joy about my results. Made a little scene at uni for cheering too loudly haha but they didn’t care, I was all pumped up from my results. I was suppose to get 3 A’s out of the 5 i was doing for my second semester to get a first and I managed to get 5! I could of relaxed with two of the modules and still got a first hehe. Will be celebrating mucho this week as I go up north and party it up with Alice (and the rest of the gang haha)

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