Bella Union 10th Anniversary

Last Michelle invited me out to go see Howling Bells at the Bella Union 10th Anniversary gig. We managed to head to a Yo Sushi! restaurant before we went and get tuck into some nice grub as well as meet Stereophonics outside Yo Sushi! It was a surreal gig and I managed to get into some hardcore photography action since the pit was literally a free for all!

The food at Yo Sushi! was mucho nice! I sort of steered away from Tempura today since I knew I’ll be getting some of that soon and all haha. I eventually tried some Tamago nigiri and Crispy Salmon Skin Roll, both of them were £1.50 each and were AMAZING! After finishing our food we managed to bump into Stereophonics, I asked them if I could take photos of them which the bassist replied “what sort of photo do you want? Back photo? Profile? Side” and then one of them flashed their arse at us and said that was their world exclusive shot haha. Was pretty surreal.

After that we headed to Waterloo via Bakerloo line and got to Southbank swiftly. We got our tickets and went in without a hitch, I was scared they’d check my bag but apparently they didn’t care! The gig was so relaxed! Not only did I get through security easily with a bag filled with camera gear, I was also able to just walk up to the barrier and take photos with the other press people like I had a press pass haha.

During one point I stood with a few photographers and had a chat with them, they caught me out as a photo blagger haha! The guy who spoke to me had a daddio L series telezoom lens! It was ungodly looking! He told me that we couldn’t use flash and also gave me some settings tips (which I didn’t really listen to). Afterwards we got snappy snappy crazy! The music was amazing to listen to once again and the photos were lovely!

During the gig, Tom Smith from the Editors came out to do a cover with Jaunita, they played “Wild Roses” together which was fun, Michelle already had a tip about this happening so we weren’t too surprised about it hehe. The end of the show also featured the other support acts playing alongside Jaunita, doing a cool Johnny Cash cover (i think).

Sorting photos was fun haha, I managed to use that as a diversion to the bigger event that was happening today! Results day! More post about that later though ;p

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