Week in Halifax with Alice

I was pretty sly in terms of organizing my days and all. I made sure that right after getting my results I was able to go visit Alice. If I were to get my first I would have a proper party and all to celebrate the occasion, and if not, I’d just be going up there for a nice long cheering up session. THANKFULLY I was able to achieve my goal and obtain the first I deserved :). Here’s a nice summary of the entire week broken down in little bullet point paragraph type things.

12th July Arriving at Alice’s

Was the first time I’ve set foot into the Day household. I brought Alice a lovely rose (there’s a reason why it’s rose) and some white malteasers (don’t worry, the choice of chocolates get better in future haha!) since she’s never tried them. Other presents I got Alice included a Joseph CD and a little pot of lucky charms. Since I was anticipating that it was going to be a nice long week visit and I would be meeting up with other people (including Gem, Paul, Inn and Kev) I decided to buy some Krispy Kremes in Victoria station. They were pretty last minute and quite a burden to carry but nonetheless I brought it. The train journey was nice and I spent most of my time going online. I brought my laptop in case I’m left on my own or if we want to surf the web without using Alice’s house PC.

Immediately after seeing Alice my world started to light up, we headed straight back to her place and I managed to really make myself feel at home hehe. We initially wanted to go out to the moors to do some shouting and photo taking but the rain sort of got in the way (and I was tired from traveling). The day went pretty quickly and I was also able to meet most of Alice’s family who were really nice.

13th July: I’ll get you John McClain!

Today was a nice and chilled day at Alice’s place, I decided to venture in the Lucky charms I brought for Alice. We shared the pot and enjoyed the lovely sugar filled frosted goodness served with some nice greyish looking milk (got to love food colouring/dye from the marshmallows). Afterwards me, Alice and two of her brothers went off to Bradford to a buffet place called Annam’s. It’s been a while I’ve had a proper curry so it was quite a treat to visit the place. Immediately I notice a slight competition involved (maybe it was me) in how much food we can consume. I ate quite an ungodly amount and ended up going back about 5-6 times (it’s a buffet, that’s what you do haha).

Later on that evening we watched Die Hard 2. Not really a film to watch with the company of a girl but it’s Die Hard! One must appreciate that I didn’t get worked up and called people bitch right after the film haha.

14th July: Little Tokyo and Bingo

I’ve read Alice’s and Inn’s entry about this and boy it’s more detailed than mine, so it’s probably better to check theirs for details :p We were due to meet up with Inn, goto Little Tokyo to celebrate my results, then meet up with Kev, Paul and Gem and get into some good old bingo action!

Before meeting with Inn we went to Millies to buy her some cookies. I promised her that I’d get her some since she did encourage me a lot during my final year in terms of doing my work. Twas a little token of appreciation 🙂 Of course the damn cookies were bloody tempting so I believe I did eat some myself (either before or after handing them to Inn). We met Inn at the Leeds Station carpark (slightly late) and got ourselves parked and ready to eat at Little Tokyo.

The food was pretty yummy one might say. Though I do feel like I paid far too much for it. I ordered a lovely prawn tempura bento box and enjoyed some lovely (and disturbingly meaty) prawn tempuras. I was quite jealous that the other two had loads of sushi to eat, it was a Japanese restaurant afterall hehe. I did do swopsies with inn on some sushi, she knew she was getting a good deal though since the tempura was just SO SO meaty hehe.

After Little Tokyo we went to meet up with Paul and Gem at Starbucks. We took a quick detour and went to Yummy Beads to see Katie in action haha. I had no idea why but hey, meeting people is fun so why not. Once there Alice instantly recognised her and pointed her out to me and Inn. We then acted a bit nonchalant (in a totally obvious way) and I decided that it was best for us to do some bead shopping. I always wanted to get a bumble bee bracelet made for myself so I thought now was the best time to get that done. I wasn’t too particularly keen on the yellow beads they had but nonetheless I asked Alice to make me one hehe. Once buying it inn approached Katie and told us who we were (before she started to thinking we were some weird stalkers haha). Twas a lovely chat (though I think I only said “hi”) and soon after we headed off to Starbucks.

Starbucks was fun, spent making bracelets and taking photos. I did a few photo challenges with Alice only to be lashed once again by her composition skills. We then met up with Paul and Gem and I shared some of my donuts to them. After a lovely drink and chat we decided to head off and lounge around for a bit before meeting up with kev and going to bingo. We ended up in WHSmiths for a bit and Gem was approached by some guranga people. I’m usually not keen on them, though thats probably because the London ones are a tad vicious when they approach you (they were waving a big chunky book at me and said it was for free, then when I had it they said they needed donations, then when I only donated £2 they said “well since your donation is a small one, how about taking this smaller book!” My mind was set on the big chunky book that I was supposed to get for free, though in all fairness, I wasn’t actually going to read it anyway haha. Gem was a pro at all things guranga, she had loads of guranga mechandise and was always accepted when she started shouting guranaga at the folks hehe. I had no idea what he was saying but all I know was that I had no money (most of which were spent on Little Tokyo or going to be spent on a vicious Bingo session that evening). After a quick lounge and magazine browse inside WHSmiths we went to Mecca bingo to meet up with Kev and Lindsy to do some bingo 🙂

Once at bingo we got Alice a new card (since she was new to it all). I decided to get myself a new one too since my other one was addressed to Bob Spektor. The reason why it’s not a good idea to go into a Bingo hall as someone else is due to the fact that IF you do win one of the grand prizes, no doubt you will be given a cheque rather than a wad of cash so best not risk it, not that I had the chance of winning but purely on the fact that I was uneasy all of the time last time knowing that if I did win I would have to give the bingo ticket to someone else to call! 🙁

Bingo was probably a bit too intense than usual! Me and Inn did claim our free panini and drinks we got from our vouchers as well as enjoy a £5 discount from our bingo tickets. Inn had some really manky cheese panini (purely because i picked the nice looking one) and it looked like industrial rubber dyed yellow than cheese. Mine was alright, a bit chewy but nonetheless, when compared to Inn’s monster of a panini, it was definitely a blessing of a panini haha. Right now for the bingo; it was going ok until some lady gave us her remaining tickets for us to play. It is extremely painful to play with another set of vouchers, you really need to work on the vouchers as fast as possible as well as ensuring that you do not miss a number. I missed it several times (then passed it on to kev who also missed it so many times) and yeah, was just painful. To makes situations worse inn spilled coke all over Lindsy’s side of teh table rendering her tickets as useless! Gem Paul and Alice tried to salvage the remaining tickets by taking them apart but it was simply a mess haha. Not only did we have a bit too many tickets to play with, but we also had to deal with the antics of people panicing over the spillage. Damn inn and her exceptionally good luck last time, it was a disaster waiting to happen (which Inn did state several times).

I think that was about it after the game, Kev won a fair amount of money for us to split between each other £35 I believe which we then spent on drinks (instead of a nando’s meal haha) Me and alice headed back to the Fax whilst the others said their fairwells 😀

15th July Real Authentic Mongolian Cuisine

This was an awesome day, inn was bored at kev’s place since kev was doing his work so I suggested she come and drive to Halifax and we can find places to eat (yes we love eating food haha). I intially wanted people to go for some peking duck action but finding that in Halifax was proven extremely difficult. All they had were cheap chinese buffets that obviously didn’t sell peking duck (good ones anyway). We were losing hope and motivation in finding a decent place to eat when we decided to phone up Gem and see if she could recommend a good place to eat (as well as inviting her to come). Turns out Gem had just the kind of restaurant we would want to go. It wasn’t a chinese restaurant selling peking duck, it was a Mongolian buffet place called Temujin. It was quite a unique buffet since you’d pick all the ingredients and take it up to a chef who would cook the food up in front of you with their trusty woks.

I was definitely pleased about this place, seeing how Alice was agreeing with Gem on the phone was pretty much the main reason why I decided to go in the first place haha. Inn quickly drove us there and we enjoyed our lovely buffet meal with the addition of Gem and Paul. Inn had previously arranged a curry night with kev this evening so she decided that she would only eat a bit. She got tiger prawns (which were Buy One Get One Free) and we began to feast. Loads of combinations of sauces, oils and garnishes to choose from. I picked the right ones for a nice black bean sauce with noodles and beef hehe. But yeah, food was definitely good, we were very keen on trying the random meats that you wouldn’t normally see in restaurants, today they were serving crocodile. Just tasted like chicken hehe but was nice in filling up your food portfolio in weird things to eat hehe. After a nice meal and some bill complications (mainly inn and her abusing the buffet system haha) we headed back home and enjoyed some lounging about with nice and full tummies. I think I ate about 6 bowls 😀

16th July The Lucky Dragon and the hunt for the Golden Peking Duck

Today was probably the best food day out of the week. We were initially going to go Yo Sushi! to try out the rainbow combo (£10 for a dish of each colour) There was a slight problem however with the trains in Halifax which made me and Alice late, by the time we were in Leeds most of the stores were closed, we were contemplating on going on Nando’s when an idea sprung to mind. The legendary duck hunt! We decided to give that another shot and since it was Leeds it should definitely be a lot easier to find than in Halifax (which is riddled with cheap chinese buffets). After a nice walk we eventually end up in China Town (it’s a pretty lame excuse to be called that though since it’s just a car park with a sign saying China Town haha). We had a look in there and a further look around the area to find nothing but buffets and some restaurant called “The Lucky Dragon”. The menu’s did look pretty nice though, and they DID sell Peking Duck, but it stated that a 24 hour notice was required. In the end we went into the restaurant to see if it was possible to order one without notice. Luckily it was possible! (woo!) We ordered some other bits and bobs including some yum yum dim sum and some chicken feet (for the sake of Alice haha). It was pretty funny watching Alice eat them! Kev and Inn seemed to enjoy it pretty much (kev’s first time) and I myself loved it. The duck was definitely the highlight of the evening though. It was amazing haha! I couldn’t get enough of the thing! It was placed on a plate of Prawn Crackers (which was funny since Kev ordered some too haha) and another dish was made from the remaining meat of the duck. It was an amazing meal and by far the most valued for money (I think we paid about £12 each!).

After a lovely duck meal we headed off to play some dirt cheap Bingo, we were pretty late so we were pretty much there for a laugh. Didn’t win anything though. We then went to Dr Wu’s for some random open mic night action and ended around Leeds station to do some hardcore tetris DS’ing. We’ve finally discovered the powers of 4 player tetris and was finding it more and more addictive of a game.

17th July Yo Sushi! and DIE HARD 4.0

We agreed from yesterday that Inn would stay at kev’s place for another night so we can go eat at Yo Sushi! the following day. Me and Alice arrived at the place slightly earlier than Inn and Kev. We sat down and had some tea before ordering a few dishes. Once inn and kev arrived we went at it with the ordering. It was funny looking at Kev’s menu, he had designed it using WordArt and was hoping it was the perfect combo. Unfortunately for kev most of his selection was compramised and he had to rethink what he was going to eat. He used a Bingo dabber to rewrite the combo on the back of the paper. Kev tried to impress the waitress serving us (Karen Wright: Ace Yo Sushi! Waitress haha) but she didn’t seem too impressed haha.

Food was amazing. I had a Salmon Skin hand roll, yakisoba, crunchy prawn maki roll, beef ramen, prawn gyoza and assorted tempura. Unfortunately the assorted tempura this time didn’t include soft shell crab :(. We ate and took photos of our food, was quite a fun day, followed by a nice and aggressive amount of Tetris DS’ing. After that it was time to leave and all so kev left us with his other mates whilst inn drove back home. Me and Alice thought going to Halifax now was a bit silly so we decided to head to the cinemas to watch… yes that’s right… DIE HARD 4.0! The film was amazing! Really lived up to the other Die Hards, once again John McClain saves the day haha. Theres apparently a Die Hard 5 planned so lets hope Bruce Willis gets into tip top shape for that one haha. After that we went back to Halifax and lounged about.

18th July Lounging about in Halifax

Was quite a quiet day, made a cake though 😀

19th July More Yo Sushi! and me going back

Today was where I had to say goodbye to Alice. We decided to head into Leeds slightly early and just lounge around for a bit. Once there we decided to actually have another yo sushi! day! We ordered very similar meals and had a lovely meal and several games of tetris. Then we headed to a Nero and sat around there for a bit. Eventually it was time for me to board the train and all. It was pretty sad leaving Alice, she was going to go France the week after which meant we would spend 2 weeks odd apart. We said our goodbyes and I went back to London.

The week was definitely amazing, I really love where Alice lived and will definitely pay more visits to the place :).

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