Up north for xmas

Going to be spending xmas and birthday up north with Alice. Really excited about it, haven’t got much to pack except my clothes though. Was going to go topshop to buy some clothes but then decided not to because i could do my shopping in leeds (plus i managed to catch a train back home AND grab myself a seat).

Bit worried about finishing off my work and handing it to someone else, hopefully it will be alright. Feel sorry for the others who have to stay and work. But yeah, travelling and stuff, really need a break too! Tonight will be proper hectic getting things packed up and ready to go. Will try and keep my attire formal as possible but i need to travel light so a big turtle neck will do to cover it all up or something. Might just wear a shirt and tie still tbh, easier plus i don’t mind wearing that.

Man it’s annoying typing so much on the tube only to find that it’s not really that much when you paste it onto the computer. Perhaps blogging isn’t the best idea unless you have proper time to spare and all!

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