Going to new york!

It appears that I’ll be going to New York on the 21st. I’m going with a work colleague so the journey won’t be solo so that’s good. Quite excited about it all since I haven’t went abroad in quite some time, the only time when i had a chance to go was when there was a spare ticket to Sweden, shame i had interviews then and a lack of a valid passport which rendered me stuck in England.

I’ll be staying at the tudor hotel, it looks pretty fancy I must say, raddison at lexington. Hope they have free wifi there for the early morning or evening browsings but i suppose I should be going sightseeing on evenings just to make the most of my visit.

there’s nowt places i really want to go to tbh, I suppose it will be fun to visit the museum of modern art and hopefully check out art tatooed onto fat guys hehe. Central park sounds fun too, the only time I can go however is on Monday which is Martin Luther King day (lucky). pretty excited about checking out the head office too, my manager works there so it would be nice to meet him and all.

Graduation is up on friday, can’t wait. Though only because alice is visiting, not really keen on meeting other students and all to be honest, my uni housed a lot of lazy retards.

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