Polysics at Carling Academy

Part 2 of the 2 gigs in one week week. I managed to catch up with Michelle to eat some sushi and check out Polysics. They were epiccly jumpy last time and this time I heard more of their stuff so will appreciate it more. The gig was excellent as usual and everyone was crazy during the gig. I took loads of photos but eventually had to hide and move from the front to the middle of the venue since the security guard caught me hehe. Luckily they couldnt confiscate my camera hehe. Anyway, here’s some photos

We went to some pub afterwards and had a chat with Michelle and her friends from Virgin. I managed to get a Big Issue card thingy the big issue sellers wear and michelle was up for wearing it and looking like a hobo hehe. All in all a good day for gigging and photo taking! The keyboardist was cute and tiny as ever! and the lead singer was fun with his engrish!

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  1. Demeldcwsvcjm says:

    You sicken me.
    But in a jealous way.
    Well that’s all I’ve read about so far but I bet theres more |:

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