Purging old logs for Musewiki

I think it’s time to delete some of the old change logs for Musewiki. This should help make backing up a lot easier since the database is becoming pretty epic, though I suppose the main cause is actually the photos but nonetheless, a purge is in order. I shall propose to do it on the 15th of July (because I like that number) So make sure you’re not leaving out anything that needs restoring.

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  1. Tene says:

    Isn’t it possible to merge consecutive changes made by the same person? I was thinking about that a while back….

    If not, perhaps a feature request is in order.

  2. crazybobbles says:

    That’s still not going to remove much of the bulk. Would lose about 10-20% of the changes but not enough.

    The point of it all is to ensure the database is manageable and reducing the risk of something to break (you know how scary those mysql queries are when you’re dealing with big databases, though I can imagine muse board doing crazier stuff)

  3. Tene says:

    I realise what the point is, I just think it’s unfair to take away what is effectively a mark of credit to those who made the contribution… It wouldn’t make much difference to those who are constantly on the recent changes page, but it’s akin to a “thanks” and a pat on the back to those who contribute more rarely, or have stopped doing so (e.g. Max/RaymondM, who did quite a bit early on).

  4. crazybobbles says:

    I understand your point, it’s a tough decision knowing that a lot of history will be erased but it’s all about the balance between that and ensuring things don’t go wrong on the wiki. I am still looking at other solutions of minimizing the database but none so far, feel free to research into it yourself.

  5. 7 says:


    is it possible that THIS happens once you delete the old logs?

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