In the mood for love

I’m a big fan of art house films, I’m also keen on watching foreign films. One in particular that I love the most is “In the mood for love”. It’s a chinese love story by the famous director Wong Kar Wai. This is probably his most critically acclaimed film and won a few awards in the cannes film festival.

It’s rare to see a really good romance movie, especially one that doesn’t involve sex and the ubiquitous silhouette intimate shot. Romance is supposed to be subtle, something that creeps up to you and this portrays it with gusto. You become attached to the characters and really suck into how they feel for each other. I’m going to watch this film tonight again, I advise people to buy a copy because it’s one of these films that you should watch before you die, easily one of my favorites.

The music is beautiful (and sad), the characters are awesome (you seem them together a lot in other films) and the plot is epic. Watch this if you feel in the mood.

Might watch 2046 afterwards but that one does get a bit depressing. I easily prefer In the Mood for love.

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