delicatessen, très délicieux

The lovely Dominique Pinon, tasty

The lovely Dominique Pinon, tasty

Bonjour. Two days ago amazon were lovely to send me a copy of delicatessen which i was delighted in watching. Now we all remember my wishy washy review of la cité des enfants perdus. Here’s a little history about Jeunet and Caro, the directors of the film. They originally wanted to make la cité des enfants perdus, but their idea was too big and extravagent and due to lack of funding they had to raise capital in order to actually start this film, so it was put on hold, and this is where delicatessen comes in, they made this movie in order to fund la cité des enfants perdus. This was far more mainstream and it was a hit, they got their mulla and was able their film they originally wanted.

Love the recurring characters in Jeunet’s films? This is the same, the awesome Dominique Pinon stars as the hero of the movie, its about a post apocalyptic city where lentils and corn are their currency, nothing grew and they were running out of food, people were starving. So what does that lead to? I’ll let you watch it to find out. This contains more usual quirks you see in Amelie and Very Long Engagement, the music is awesome (cello and saw mmm) and everyone has their side story, if you loved Amelie (the film) then this is for you.

I keep getting side tracked on the film I was supposed to watch, nevermind, tonight I watched Temple of Doom which needs no reviews, got loads of DVDs coming my way to watch. Though at the same time I need to listen to lots of music, downloaded Shout out Louds latest album and have it on right now, sounds really good. Might review albums but I prefer movies.

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