Muse and sugar: V Festival 08 2/2

Part 2 of this epic adventure that is V Festival 08 (though I doubt you have more anticipation for it now since it happened quite a while back haha). Mainly a photo dump of the actual gig. Anyway, the lineup sucked so badly that all I saw were Sugababes, a bit of Stereophonics and Muse, so lets get straight down to it

I only took a few shots of sugababes. It was really difficult to shoot from my position and yeah, beggers can’t be choosers. The show itself was all kinds of awesome was hits such as round round, and that song that makes you jump up and down at the end (that being their end song).

When Muse were on we knew it was going to be an epic one since it was their last show for their blackholes and revelations tour, nothing too special but enough to get you rocking out. They started off with Map of the Problematic and went through most of the popular tracks that everyone knew. The atmosphere was pretty intense and even though I was taking photos in the crowd, I was still able to rock out for a bit. Can’t help but mime sing either (because real singing involves wasting energy on your throat).

The satellites looked pretty amazing and the lights were entrancing and pretty. I think what made it even better was the fact that there was nothing else to watch the entire day and it was just such a relief when they started playing. Not sure what my favorite song was for that gig, kev had already revealed that they were going to play Deadstar for the set so I wasn’t too surprised when that came up, the synths really worked well and it makes me wonder how different it’d sound if they rerecorded it (I’m also interested in seeing Apocalype Please all disco drum beated up as well). The man with the harmonica was pretty intense, nice to see this song live and obviously Knights of Cydonia was accompanied by pervasive horse riding dance. So yeah, here’s some some photos, excuse the lack of close up shots but I was honestly nowhere near the stage this time

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  2. kellie says:

    sigh, dammit! i wish muse visited toronto this year – i miss the guitar-rapage and balloons. but at least they’ve already recorded some new songs :O

  3. crazybobbles says:

    They have been on tour for quite a bit, I think they really need some time to chillax 🙂

  4. beeblasphemy says:

    Awesome pictures 😀
    I was there, 2 rows from the barrier (:

  5. crazybobbles says:

    Haha i was nowhere near the barrier, the barrier was a dot to me 🙁

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