Splash of October Swimmer (Summary)

A splash of October Swimmer

Crazy calendar updates!

Time flies at a ridiculous rate when you’re busy. Already we’re in mid November and getting ready for the start of Christmas, winter coats, bankruptcy, roasted poultry, mind games and the lovely end to a crazy and eventful year. When peering at my Google Calender, I quickly skipped back to the previous month to see what I’ve been up to and boy was it a crazy month, though you’ve probably noticed that already with the sudden abundance of blog posts 😉 Since October was such an amazingly packed month I thought I’d write a big fat summary post of it all, kinda like a catch up post for those who check less frequently or for those who’ve just started reading. So yeah, lets rewind the tape and go back to first of October, 2008, no idea if you can click on all the links but I’ll take my time to link up to EVERYTHING so it all makes sense!

Lykke Li 1st October: Lykke Li
Lykke Li was recommended to me by uka (well I just checked his last.fm and thought I’d give it a listen). Her tickets were sold out so I managed to buy a ticket from ebay and see her live at the Scala. Her voice was amazing and on par to her dancing (at one point she event started dancing right in front of me which was awesome (mmm private dances haha)). First time I used good old Eve, my compact camera to film a video of the performance. Favorite song: I’m good, I’m gone.
Lost Coastlines part 1

2nd October: Lost Coastlines:
I started writing a short story called “Lost Coastlines“. It was loosely based on a trip I made in September to the north. The story only has one character, but focuses on his mindset, thought process, and other subtle things. The story was told via a series of photos I took during my visit to the Four Rise Locks in Bingley. I slowly released the photo and passages bit by bit and eventually spilled the ending at some random point in the evening. Having an influence on certain games where they offer a good and bad ending depending on the actions you took, I gave this story a double sided ending where the readers need to search for happiness in order to find the good ending (Probably giving too much away here).
Lykke Li and hair

3rd October: Photography and regret:
That was fun, following from the Lykke Li gig and Lost Coastlines, I decided to write another quick monologue story type thing called “Photography and Regret“. This was based loosely on a livejournal comment I made about my insights on photography and the future, I write a dark side story about Mark, the photography with a flagship DSLR camera who was at the Lykke Li gig. Twas a fun write but then I think i totally lost the plot near the end haha. But yeah, just a complete ramble 😀

4th October: Scottish Ballet:
One of the more diverse events in my calendar, I went to see a scottish ballet, the catch/gimmick here is that they were dancing to Radiohead. It was quite a fun show, though I actually enjoyed the last act more than the act that had the radiohead dancing, it was far too pretencious and I preferred some good old classical dancing with fancy pancy dresses and costumes.

5th October: Crazy ass coding:
I got really annoyed at the lack of search bar in my site so I started coding and added one in, that’s about it
CSS: Growl

6th October: CSS:
This was an impromptu gig, I pretty much bought the ticket the week before off ebay (it was cheaper than face value). I had emailed a fellow photographer about the security of Shepherds Bush and was told it was quite a strict place in terms of DSLR photography, I brought Eve along and stubbornly took my DSLR with me, they found my DSLR during the bag search but I eventually got the camera in after some sly words and ninja’ing. Traumatic experience but nonetheless a fun one, the gig was a fruity one, lots of jumping and balloons. Favorite song: Left behind

7th October:
Relaxing day for blogging and catching up sleep (Shepherds Bush gigs tend to make me end up sleeping at 4am) Near the evening Michelle updated that she had guestlists to CSS which she couldn’t attend, i took up the offer but needed to find a girl to go with.
CSS: Lovefoxx

8th October: Wine tasting and drunken CSS:
Spent entire morning and afternoon finding a plus one to go with, failed in epic proportions. Had a wine tasting session, learnt a bit about wine and left halfway. Michelle managed to get Silvia to come with me and woo, was able to smuggle the DSLR whilst slightly tipsy. Was glad I saw CSS once again because I felt the other gig wasn’t enough. Chuckled at the fact that the band gets free xbox360’s out of this gig (it was an xbox event). I had to squeeze through some ickle ladies to get through, later on after writing about it they manged to find my blog and comment on what i said about them teehee. Favorite song: Music is my hot hot hot hot hot sex
Emiliana Torrini

9th October: Emiliana Torrini:
After two crazy nights of CSS, I went to see Emiliana Torrini at an ickle Church near Soho. The performance was amazing and she was unbelievably cute! She constantly conversed with the crowd during intervals and explained how the songs were written or whatever crazy anecdotes she could come up with, you loved her gigs for that! Met up with some photographers too. Favorite song: Sunny Road
Diggnation: Alex and Kevin

10th October: Diggnation:
A nerdy event with Stuart and Dip, after work I met up them two to see Diggnation live in London (apparently it only happens once every year). It was quite a fun show! The highlight was the vast amounts of free beer provided by Google, after the event we went to the Facebook aftershow and grabbed a lot of stuff, got to love free stuff.

11th October: Blog updates:
Updated a new feature for my blog which makes flickr integration awesome.

12th October:
Chillaxed, excited about Monday since I had a new 28mm lens and contemplating on see of Montreal play at an instore gig.
of Montreal

13th October: New wide lens and of Montreal acoustic set:
Coworker arrived with new lens I asked him to buy in New York, got well excited! Used the lens to shoot of Montreal who played live at Rough Trade East, was my first time there and I enjoyed the venue. My new lens of Montreal were amazing and their acoustic set was quirky and different from what they’d play at a proper gig. Met up with loads of old friends, got talked into seeing The Dears play on Wednesday, I sense crazy gigathon this week again (was SOOO tired from last week’s 3 gigathon) Favorite song: For our elegant caste

14th October:
Just to repeat last week, this day was spent relaxing and recovering from gigging. Probably wrote a lot of blog entries this night too! Went to pure groove records to try buy a tilly and the wall cd for tickets to an instore gig on 17th but found out it was closed after 6pm even though it said it closed at 7pm :(!
The Dears

15th October: The Dears:
Turned up to see the Dears since had nothing better to do on a Wednesday, met up with people from of Montreal gig, then spoke to a guy because he had a crumpler bag (Just ordered a bag at work you see!), and finally spoke to Chalky from Terrible Love Songs. The gig was pretty fun, especally seeing the tension between the two band married band members 😀 Favorite song: Demons

of Montreal: Kevin Barnes 16th October: of Montreal:
This was a horrible date, so many things clashed! I wanted to see Howling bells play but alas I had tickets to see of Montreal and it kinda took priority because I’ve never seen them play properly (acoustic one didn’t count). I acquired a spare ticket so I gave it to Chalky. Met up with more people from both gigs (including Anika) and even met up with a fellow photographer from flickr (preamble). Gig was amazing and theatrical, especially when Kevin Barnes gets naked and frolics around in hot pants, there was even a piledriver performed on stage! Favorite song: Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse.
Tilly and the Wall + Spinny Animation

17th October: Tilly and the Wall:
I managed to buy the Tilly and the Wall album online and it came with 3 guestlists, I invited some people from the CSS gig and even a coworker to the gig. The setlist was super short but it was an ickle gig and we were able to talk to the band about of Montreal (they were at the gig) and whatnot. Favorite song: Dust me off

18th October:
After 2 weeks of weekday non stop gigging, it was time to call it a rest! I believe lots of blogging was involved on Saturday, had a lovely meal out and did some chillaxing

19th October:
Got my haircut! It was getting far too long! Also started coding my site so it was 960px wide, made the sidebar all fancy looking
Sleep Flying

20-23rd October:
Quiet day of blog catching up (from September gigs), watching films about cyborgs and reading a book about super geeks who choose to fall in love with girls named Katherine. I enjoyed this week, it was nice and quiet for a change, but all the good stuff happened on the weekend hehe
Godot and Old Snake

24th October: Video Games Live 2008:
Went with jason and rachel to go see video games live 2008, where a live orchestra performs songs and tunes featured in famous and cult video games. It was a nerdy night, ate some steak before the show, took photos of lots of folks dressed up and enjoyed a slew of nerdy things, they played a lot of songs I loved and at the end of it all. I decided to go check out this cosplay exhibition on Sunday (was going to do Saturday but that was Tilly and the Wall day that me, jason and rachel had planned to go). Favorite Song: Castlevania

Tilly and the Wall: Tambourine Fun

25th October: Tilly and the Wall:
Quite a hectic day I must say, Jason and Rachel weren’t able to come because Rachel wasn’t feeling too well. Was going to get their tickets to let someone else go but couldn’t find any one who were able to come so I eventually went solo. Met up Anika from various Rough Trade East gigs (she loves her free gigs), and met up with Preamble and another photographer I met at Emiliana Torrini too (called Lorne). Tilly and the Wall were amazing live, the lights were amazing and awesome for photography. Met up with a girl called Angela during the gig and had fun talking to a random drunk guy called Jeff with Angela, Angela had a chrome bag (I thought it was a crumpler bag :$) Favorite song: Tall tall Grasss (you can hear Angela in it)
Final Fantasy cosplay: Zorn and Thorn

26th October: London MCM Expo 2008:
The cosplay fest! Went there and saw loads of people dressed up as video games characters, bought loads of merchandise, mainly studio ghibli plush toys, phone charms and whatnot. There were signings but they cost £15 a pop for some C list celeb action (no way!)
Gabriel Kain

27th October: Gabriel Kain:
Work colleague asked me if I wanted to go see a local band, it was his girlfriends’ coworker’s piano teacher that was playing at the gig. I said why not and went, the gig wasn’t that amazing, we laughed at the band after Gabriel kain and pretty much left afterwards. I took some shots and gave evils to a girl who took shots using flash!

28th October:
Another nice and chillaxed day, I managed to finish writing up on Tilly and the Wall entry, mainly talked about upskirts and whatnot haha.
Korean BBQ: Seafood udon

29th October: Photomonth Preview:
Met up with my friend Malakai, went to the flickr photomonth preview event and had some free wine whilst enjoying some photos, then had a crazy night in London where we ate a Korean BBQ and did some crazy bumper cars and bowling, quite a jam packed night (the kind of nights I’m good at making for people who visit london)
Lomokev and Uka acting natural

30th October: Uka / Lomokev / Jonathan Coulton:
Crazy assed day where I managed to meet up with uka who was visiting for a few days, he dropped his bag off at my place, we had lunch at my local burger joint type place, then I stuffed him with loads of England based foods such as Krispy Kremes, Thorntons Chocolates and Fireflys (he could of drank imported ones but that’s not cool/it was expensive). After work I met up with uka and went to go see Lomokev at his signing. Jonathan Coulton Was able to get two copies of his book hot shots signed (one for Inn) and take a photo of lomokev and uka together. We then swiftly left and I dropped uka off to Alice whilst heading off to a gig myself. Saw Jonathan Coulton, ninja’d a lovely seat near front and took loads of lovely photos (at Shepherds Bush! mwhaha) It was fun when he rick rolled us! Favorite song: Still alive

31st October:
Nope, no halloween for me, got some chocolate eyeballs from work but afterwards I felt like staying at home and just relaxing, it was pay day finally and all I could think about was getting some rest for such a crazy month I’ve had.

So that’s about it. That’s pretty much my month in a list format, hopefully you’ll read an article or two, doubt you’d click on all the links (please do, it took forever to link up!)! Thanks for your time here! Glad people actually take interest in what I get up to hehe!

5 Comments to Splash of October Swimmer (Summary)

  1. islandgirl05 says:

    now that you put it this way, it looks like A LOT!!! as i’ve said before you’re(<–see!!) a busy busy dude!!

  2. […] you’ve all read the October summary post, life has been pretty hectic, I’ve met quite a lot of new people when I go out gigging and […]

  3. jerseyy says:

    roasted poultry, sounds scary… :p
    i’m so jealous that you went to lots of gigs! i don’t have that many choices to have a gig or even gigs. obviously, this kind of situation makes you easily to understand how the musical stuffs go around here. trust me, it’s better than everything in the past. but i’m sure that we still have less chances to see like CSS, Of Montreal, Tilly and the Wall and even The Dears. i don’t know, that makes me sad.
    about the xmas, actually we don’t celebrate it as like a family day or so. just like some kinds of holidays that friends like to dress up and hang out. well, that’s definitely a western celebration during the big month. we don’t even have holidays for xmas! (some companies and certain religions do). for some people like my friends and i, we like to hang out on xmas eve but should be stay awake as a sober, bcuz of everyone needs to work in next day. that sucks… ><
    so read as above these, do you still want to come over here? hahahahaha xxx
    have a wonderful day my firend.

    (btw, i saw your blog via your statement of facebook.)

    • crazybobbles says:

      Hehe thanks for commenting, I still would love to come to Taiwan, it’s always nice meeting other photographers and what not 😀 I almost never have xmas turkey at home, I usually crash at other families and have xmas turkey there (and they’re always awesome). So yeah, i don’t think this year will be xmas turkey day i’m afraid.

      i booked a nice stream of holidays for december (about 8 days worth) so I’m going to spent them relaxing for once! Some of which I won’t be doing anything but sleep hehe. hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

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