Sunny Side Up (14/365)

Sunny Side Up (14/365)

This wallet actually has a story to tell! Despite being a limited edition poketo vinyl artist designed wallet it also has a little ickle story I’d like to tell people. For those who don’t live in London, our transport system has something called an "Oyster" card which is essentially an RFID enabled card that we use to pay out travel fares and whatnot (so basically you put the card near a reader and *beep*, it takes your money out and you get through the barriers, most countries have a similar system but with a different name).

Anyway, originally I had the holder for this oyster card and used that for a while until I discovered that it was stupid carrying two separate things when I could simply put my Oyster card inside my wallet and just tap in with that. So bam, the oyster card is inside my wallet. However… the problem here is that the wallet is JUST about thick enough that if I tap in the wrong side of the wallet, it wouldn’t work since it’s not in close enough proximity.

My way of remembering it is to constantly tell myself "Sunny side up". Only one side of the wallet has that smiley sun on the design and basically, that’s my way of determining which way I should be holding my wallet. And tada, as you can see from above, it works!

To take this shot I had to go in and out of the barriers about 10 times to get the shot in focus! It doesn’t stay green long enough so most of the time I miss it and get an orange :(. Finally one of the shots was in focus (well kinda haha).
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  1. Angie says:

    Just found your blog via our google alerts! I love your blog and what a great photo! We’d love to send you a new wallet. give us your address.


  2. Silvia says:

    Sunny side up…I like that approach to life, hehe. That’s a lovely wallet, I really like it! I’m still using the usual oyster thingies (well, not really, I have a multicoloured one which is lovely), and I still keep it separate from everything else. I keep saying I should maybe get a bigger case (no way I can put it in my purse, too thick!) and put other stuff in there…maybe your post inspired me to finally do so 😛

    • crazybobbles says:

      I like that approach to my eggs 🙂 nom nom. Its tough for those with crazy purses, I suppose it has to be separate (cue a scene where some lady goes “hold on a sec, just finding my oyster card” and takes out her hairbrush, makeup, perfume, brick, phone, book, keys, change, more makeup and other bits of miscellaneous junk until oyster card is found until she’s realised she’s reached her destination and it’s actually the END OF TIME).

  3. Jason says:

    Nice shot!
    I have an oxfam oyster card but its a bit worn out now and you can’t get them anymore 🙁

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