Secret muser meets? (mmm meat)

United States of Converse

It’s pretty fun meeting musers, but at the same time it’s worrying how surprisingly similar they get, the same locations and faces everytime. The locations need to change a bit, we can’t eat nando’s everytime, play in funland everytime, sing in karaoke bars everytime, shop in cyber candy everytime etc. I think they can be as simple as having a meal and not get so lavish with these events that seem someone deja vu all the time.

Man it was weird when i wrote epic long posts about each day? Now I just don’t feel it anymore. Here’s two more photos… if folks are cool with the people shots I’ll post them up too.

Barnamint Baileys Uhm... rare?

Will still need to catch up on old posts, I’m gonna keep them nice and snappy 🙂

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