Andrew Bird at Shepherds Bush Empire

Andrew Bird at Shepherds Bush (131/365)

The entire morning before the show I was whistling to tunes from Noble Beast, Andrew Bird can produce some contagious whistling melodies that you can’t stop replicating. I won tickets to see Andrew Bird since the tickets were quite pricey (got to love free tickets). The show was quite remarkable mainly because he came fully equipped with the full band 🙂

I saw Andrew Bird play at the intimate and atmospheric St Giles church, that time he was playing solo but the performance still stuck to me, this show we were promised a backing back so it will be a treat listening to him play with bass, drums and the whole kaboodle thrown in.

I must say the band really did complete the sound, though Andrew was fully capable of emulating most of his songs through his trustly loop machines, the band just completes it, making it sound closer to the record.

Andrew Bird at Shepherds Bush

I really enjoyed the whistling in several songs, at one point he introduces us to the monkey mascot sitting at the back, his name was Monkey, the Monkey. There was also a spinning thing in the shape of two gramaphone horns stuck together which he called spinny (ah the simple life).

No videos for this show I’m afraid. After the show I managed to wangle (can i use that word? hmm guess i can) the setlist which was ace.

Andrew Bird at Shepherds Bush

Oh yeah, I smuggled my 5d into this gig 😉 thanks to Anika for carrying it in her bag. I was supposed to have a photopass for the show but things got messy and somehow it didn’t go through, nonetheless i actually enjoy shooting outside the pit 🙂

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  1. Sue says:

    Hey there,

    I was also at these London shows and they were amazing! And I’m off to see Andrew again in Scotland next week. Are you going to Green Man?

    This is a video you might like (feel free to embed it) – we made it when Mr Bird was in Glasgow recently!

    Love your still images! I didn’t manage to get a camera into the London venues sadly!

    Sue 🙂 x

    • crazybobbles says:

      Mmmm tasty video, will make sure i do loads of videos of andrew at union chapel 🙂

      thanks for checking out the photos, smuggling into shepherds bush is a pain, but well worth it 😀

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