Two gems for photography

I have more gems, but will stick with two that I love at the moment…Hue and wifiHue lights: Fancy LED lights you can control with a phone or tablet. Mega useful for setting moods (have a setting called strip club) and not having to set white balance (changed lights to a blue setting on the photo so no need to auto white balance)

Eyefi:Ā Another useful product, with camera phones being ever so convenient to snap a shot, you’ll wonder why you still lug a DSLR and upload that shit into Lightroom, export, upload etc. With an EyeFi card, I just take the photo and BAM, beam straight into my PC. Then I just drag for instant use šŸ™‚ Have to use a CF SD card adaptor but that’s fine.

So yeah, pick up a bag today


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