Hot, dogs, pizzas and frogs


So this weekend was a great time to try out these new uniqlo AIRISM tops and pants. Most of the time you’ll feel awesome dry, but when you do sweat and the sweat is wicked away it feels like you’ve wet yourself (had to double check a few times). Anyway this weekend included the following:

Eating at Pizza express. I picked Etna Romana, if you like hot pizzas and crazy ham, this is the one for you. It’s it’s pretty volcanic when you get to the chillis but sometimes your tastebuds will be treated to some sweet peppers or tomatoes. Pick up a bag today (with tiramisu)

Pizza express


Afterwards we had dogs over to play, as well as virtual animals to socialise with (read up an article about how everyone hates Quillson from Animal crossing, he waters my plants dammit!)

And here’s the two dogs:



Rufus loves bitches.

Sunday sunday sunday!

Sunday we celebrate Lauren’s birthday by taking a trip to a barn, consuming awesome sunday roast (beefs!) and then chillaxing with some cake and such

Happy birthday


and that was it 🙂

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