CE-7 custom black glitter

Manson CE-7 Custom glitter

So this is it, the final Manson guitar has arrived in my hands. Very impressed with how it turned out.

So some background, this was originally a CE-7 red guitar, but I managed to convince the guys at Manson to refinish my one pretty much after it was completed to black glitter with the intent to match up a certain 7 string Mattocaster guitar. Here’s a pro shot from Mansons

Full view

Bigger view of the front

I added custom machined black anodised knobs for the controls and headstock… they didn’t have the hardware I wanted but I prefer the look of this in the end!

Manson CE-7 Custom glitter

But yeah.. really impressed with the sound you can get from this. Beefy MBK-3s (or BKP Aftermaths) with some graph tech ghost piezo saddles for instant acoustic action. Here’s a cheeky video of my playing stuff

and here is me rocking the piezo saddles

and more photos…

Manson CE-7 Custom glitter

Hard to tell you how much sparkles is on this thing (they know how much I love the sparkles and have been progressively bombing the thing with it)

Manson CE-7 Custom glitter

They used the retro logo for the headstock too. All tweaks put together makes this a fairly unique 7 string guitar. Pick up a bag today.

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