MCM Comic con 2013: Boners, naked people and raging nerds

Naked sim

Yesterday I went to the London MCM Comic con event. Essentially it’s a RAGING nerd fest where you cosplay, play video games, meet stars and spend money on junk you don’t need.

The start of the day wasn’t so good, first fail was that I forgot my 3DS XL. This place is a street pass magnet (not going to explain if you don’t own a 3DS) and there’s an achievement for hitting 100 street passes a day which I couldashouldawoulda got. Second fail was this queue:

MCM Comic Con: The 2+ hour queue

That queue lasts for 2 hours. Last few years I have waltzed into the place without waiting. That in addition to no street passes made me sad.

So things to cheer me up. How about rocking the Nintendo booth and winning a £15 eShop voucher? The rules were simple, you play 15 minutes of Wii U AND 3DS games and you get a nice card you use to “spin the swag wheel”. This ranged from Pikmin stickers to the elusive £15 eShop voucher. Here’s Lauren winning a sonic hat which everyone seemed to faff over.

Lauren and the Nintendo swag wheel

Afterwards we looked around and I shot a few cosplayers (not much this time since I had company)

Here’s Batman (the black knight) and Snow white

The Black Knight and Snow White

Here’s Franziska von Karma from Phoenix Wright

Franziska von Karma

Here’s No-face and the person from spirited away

No-face and Lauren

Here’s Iori from King of Fighters fighting Ryu from Street Fighter (bitches love crossovers)

Iori Yagami and Ryu

I also ate tasty fried chicken with japanese mayo, that was tasty.

Also managed to stumble on the Cyanide & Happiness booth where Rob (one of the artists) was there to sign books and draw sketches based on topics you’d suggest or ones written and placed in a box

Rob DenBleyker from Cyanide & Happiness

I asked for “Guitars” (because you know, I play them)

Cyanide and Happiness: Guitars

Was a fun day and Lauren got her 100 street passes

Lauren and the 100 street passes

We then took a cable car to enjoy the view of the o2

Cable car night sky

and proceeded to advance to Meat Mission for dinner. We had burgers, bingo wings and chilli cheese fries

Meat Mission

I also had a tasty grog

Meat Mission: Grog

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  1. That Naked Sim is me! 😀

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