Murder in Monochrome

Today I was invited by the manager of Murder in Monochrome to take photos of the band. It was quite an honour to be invited to take photos for a band. I accepted it and was gustlisted (plus one) to the gig so I could take photos for the band. It was quite an impromptu invite, I was tempted to goto the gig anyway but being guestlisted kinda pushed it for me. Since it was all promptu I managed to invite B as my plus one.

Michelle and Caff joined in too. The gig was pretty awesome, I had all the freedom I wanted to take photos, pretty much my little photo pit haha (except I wasnt with other peeps). I had a word with the band and they told me to go nuts on the photo taking and even if it needs be, I could go on stage to take photos haha. So yeah, was pretty awesome knowing that I had that freedom and all.

The gig was pretty awesome, the photos were pretty good. The venue only used blue lighting so I was pretty restricted in terms of lights.

Murder in Monochrome

I loved making the keytar look like some space weapon of some sort.

Murder in Monochrome (whole band)

Some panorama esque photos.

After the gig, we went to a pub to see Stevie, I havent met him in ages, it was his birthday and a load of his friends were there to celebrate with him. It was quite, we didn’t talk to most people (Stevie included) but it was fun nonetheless. I’m usually good at finding things to do when I’m bored haha.

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