Stu invited me and a load of other people to his hosue for a lovely housewarming party. It was a lovely weekend involve sun, sea, sand, bbq meat and other bits and bobs.

Arriving at Stu’s place

Canterbury was fun. I was heading there for Stu’s housewarming party. I had only received a lovely package from Alice containing Harry Potter books that I was keen on start reading. For the hosuewarming party I pretty much brought the bare essentials. I knew we were going to the seaside but I decided against in bringing anything swim worthy like. Simply not my kind of thing haha. After a painful journey down to Canterbury (tube messed up which meant I had to take a different route and barely manage to get to the National Express coach).

I was to arrive on Friday night, though Inn Kazzie Christy and Stu were already there I was forced to go on Friday due to the fact that I have begun signing on haha (deary me). I was actually glad I didn’t go on Thursday since it sounded like a pretty hectic girly night in. Inn was petrified by the stuff people were doing (mainly involving watching high school musical and singing to some girly pop songs). Stu’s house was pretty decent for a student (sorry had to) house. I saw some really ungodly looking chocolate cake that looked like a brown frisbee as well as Kazzie’s silly spyro the dragon plush doll. We were waiting for Blee and Sarah to arrive before we got the party started.

4 Whole chickens

We wanted to buy some food to cook and consume so once they arrived (which they did) we immediately went shopping at the local 24 hour ASDA. As well as buying food for that night we also purchased some lovely BBQ food for the next day. At ASDA we manage to get some pretty awesome precooked BBQ chicken in the ready to eat section. Now here’s the best bit, they were only 70p! (odd) . You’ve got to love reduced items. We decided to buy 4 which would definitely be enough to feed a group of 6 meat eaters (Blee = Veggie).

Once back at stu’s place we unpacked and prepared the food for consuming. We didn’t really have much to serve the chicken with but we made do with beans and some chips. We made this meal pretty formal which meant everyone was wearing ties for the occasion. I ensured that the evening remained formal by applying some table formalities I learnt from Alice’s place hehe. As well as saying grace for the occasion, having a toast with our glasses, we also engaged in some typical table banter which involved me asking everyone how their day was.

The rest of the evening was spent playing the game “I never” as well as playing some hardcore video games. A lot of singster was involved tonight as well as a tedious game of Buzz to test our music trivial knowledge. I didn’t do too well I must say :(. The evening was spent playing a lot of Tetris DS as well as bantering whilst other people went to sleep. Tomorrow we were going to go to the seaside and have a BBQ, yum hehe.

Seaside and BBQ

I’m not particularly keen on seasides, they’re a bit boring for my liking 🙁 You either get baked or get f**ked. I spent most of the time under the parasol. Not much to do, though it did seem like Kazzie was doing quite a lot of stuff that day including digging a big hole, buying a blow up raft and getting lost at sea (and then saved), getting buried inside her hole she dug up and almost suffocating inside it and other random bits and bobs. I pretty much sat around eating Kettle chips and chicken sandwiches prepared with shredded chicken we had last night. Seasside was however a cool place for taking photos, quite a lot of fun things you could do with sand and all.

After some crazy seaside action we decided to head off back to Stu’s place for some food since everyone was hungry. We were making sure we left early enough to avoid traffic as well as come back with enough time to actually get some BBQ action going.

The BBQ was pretty awesome, it was student BBQ so quite a lot of econo food was used, though I managed to get some hot and spicy wings involved (marinated in nando’s sauce typically). The burgers were probably the best in the bbq, especially with Nando’s BBQ sauce (yum yum). Sausages once again spat like crazy which meant we were to leave them last. It was pretty horrific to say the least, but eventually they were cooked and eaten. The bbq was alright but definitely not the best I’m afraid. We had loads of other food ready for tomorrow and we were keen on making it a proper full english breakfast. Since we bought a BBQ for stu we were able to BBQ the breakfast too.

The rest of the evening was spent playing the wii, a lot of Big Brain Academy was involved, we were split into teams and did brain quizes and sprints (seeing who answered all 24 questions first). The game was pretty intense and usually my team won hehe. The rest of the evening was spent playing an eye bleeding game of Mario Striker. I had recently bought that (so recent that it arrived yesterday). This game became pretty addictive for it’s mole killing features. The evening was pretty ace and eventually things settled down and it was back to some more sleeping.

BBQ Breakfast and Goodbyes

The morning after was a pretty awesome one. I was up nice and early followed by Blee (though I believe she might have woke up earlier than me (who knows)). We immediately got the BBQ going and started cooking the food up since people were generally lazy anyway. Blee did a pretty awesome job in cooking her food in the BBQ as well as helping me out to cook our food for the BBQ, I did all bits and bobs and slowly people began to wake up and helped out with the breakfast making. I took a sly route in terms of cooking so many sausages by simply precooking most of the stuff in the oven and then giving them a nice BBQ glaze. This was actually the slyer way to BBQ food, especially when theres quite a lot of food involved and not much cooking life in the charcoal.

Eventually the food was all ready and breakfast was served. It included loads of lovely bacon, sausages, hash browns, fried egg (me and inn got one since we prefer that to scrambled), scrambled egg, toast, beans, chicken wings (we had loads spare!) and some celebration juice (though that’s mainly for me and inn). The BBQ breakfast was quite a success and we had a lovely toast and all.

After breakfast we had a go at Mario Striker again (for quite a long time) and pretty much called it a day after that. We slowly began packing up stuff and all left Stu’s, Inn drove me and Kazzie back to Kazzie’s place where I got yet another lift to Watford Station via Kazzie’s mum and went back home. It was a pretty awesome house warming party, though parties involving the wii and BBQ’s are generally awesome (unless you have shit wii games and make shit BBQs).

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