Harry Potter marathon

I believe I first started reading Harry Potter around the start of August, I only received the book from Alice through the post and I started reading it on the coach to Canterbury where I was having that housewarming party at Stu’s place. At first I only wanted to read it since Alice expressed how much she loved the books and I thought it would be nice to be a part of that. After that I was in a proper readathon.

It was around the time when I finished reading Prisoner of Azkaban that I really got into a hardcore reading mood and was hooked to the books. I believe I finished around the 3rd or 4th of September with pretty much bloodshot eyes but a rather satisfied self that managed to read the entire series front and back within a month (granted I was going out to parties, visiting Alice, going to Leeds festival and other bits and bobs which delayed finishing it any earlier). I really enjoyed reading it. There are times where you simply couldn’t put them down! The last few days in particular were the best having been able to read the last two books in 1.5 days (including sleeping, eating and all sorts of breaks). It got to a point where I was having “internet breaks”! Usually it’s the other way around haha.

I believe the best part of reading the books is when you get right at the end, J K Rowling would always pack the end with explanations of answers to loads of questions you find within the book and previous books. I really liked her style of writing and more importantly the world she created within Harry Potter and all.

I was particularly happy that I was able to read the books 95% spoiler free. The beauty of not getting what people were saying when I wasn’t reading the book as well as ensuring I dont go to places that would reveal spoilers and all meant that I got all the surprises and gasps you could possibly get with Harry Potter, though I must say Deathly Hallows was pretty much ruined after two incidents with Kazzie and Stephie casually telling people around me what happened. It was a particularly numbed out book when certain members died haha.

And now, like the other Harry Potter fans, I’m stuck aimlessly with no more storyline to read, I can’t possibly imagine how others feel since they’ve been into the book for years and were waiting for the ending for an ungodly amount of years to have their answers revealed and all. But I suppose it ended so nicely that it was ok to just leave it now and concentrate on slating how badly the films are.

So yeah, was quite fun reading the entire series front to back. Glad I didn’t do what I initially wanted to do and that was to read the entire series backwards haha. Would have ruined so much and all!

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