Google chrome / pokeball

Google Chrome, I choose you!

Google Chrome, I choose you!

Unless you’re living under a bridge you may have heard about Google’s recent release of their open source internet browser known as Google Chrome (if you haven’t read this comic they made). It boasts to be the fastest browser out for rendering JavaScript as well as doing other things that others failed to implement. Upon installing it, I had my lovely bookmarks imported from firefox and was presented with a lovely speed dial screen similar to the lovely Opera browser. The interface is simple and clean and it definitely does a good job in the real estate end (I like real estate, means less scrolling). The address bar reminds me of firefox 3’s awesome bar and does a good job in recognising what page the user wants when he’s tapping away the address. The problem for me with Google Chrome is that it’s still not mature enough yet, I still need a browser like firefox to do my work and do all sorts of crazy things via addons and whatnot. However, the real reason I wanted to use it is because it allows users to create individual web applications that will run independantly.

That toppled with the super fast javascript rendering means I can finally get Gmail to run smoothly (it takes forever to load at work and often stalls the computer meaning i have to wait a bit longer whilst it all loads).  I have Google Calendar, Google Reader, Gmail and Igoogle all currently turned into applications which I can load up with a push of a button, it’s all kinds of awesome. To be honest I like the direction Google are going, slowly moving us into a world of web apps, where things aren’t OS dependant and accessible to any terminal. Anyway, that’s just a small waffle about Google Chrome, the most interesting thing is their logo, does anyone else think it looks like a pokeball? Like a rare one that can capture the likes of Mew Two without the need for weakening him down with scratches and tackes (that wasn’t very effective mind).

So yeah, give Google Chrome a spin (sorry mac and linux users) if you already haven’t, it’s not ready to become your primary browser, but it’s worth installing just for the sake of going “yeah, I know about Google Chrome, I’m hip, word”. Let me know what you think!

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  1. leenca says:

    Heh, I’m first again … I don’t really need such a powerful browser, but I did download it and it’s cute! Even being completely ignorant about … new, unknown, complicated software … is not a problem 😛 Have a feeling that it will help if I ever work for an internet company or something 😛
    BTW, with your good feeling for organisation and pretty things, ever heard of MindJet MindManager? (no idea why it crossed my mind just now, though)

  2. crazybobbles says:

    Like most of the people I know, I really use Google Chrome for personal/fun stuff, hardly any company uses Gmail as an email thing (usually stuck with Outlook Exchange *shudders* or retro Lotus Notes). It’s just a fancy browser capable of turning stuff into applications and capturing rare pokemons.

    It’s a mind mapping tool, sadly I’m not confused to ever use it :p i can see the uses but i’d probably stick to the oldskool brainstorming. you can’t go wrong with drawing a big puffy grey brain in the middle and lighting bolts coming out of it as ideas (god I miss school).

  3. Jason says:

    I like your pokéball/chrome logo connections, although when I first saw it I swore blind it was stolen from Metroid!

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