Dirty Projectors live at Barbican

Dirty Projectors: Dave Longstreth tuning the guitar

Dirty Projectors live at Barbican, good times! Finally able to see them play live and I was amazed, the first half was with Alarms will Sound playing The Getty Address in it’s entirety. The second half of the show was where it’s at, totally grooving out to songs from Bitte Orca. Good times

Dirty Projectors with Alarms will Sound

Dirty Projectors: Amber Coffman with tasty telecasterzoid

Dirty Projectors: Primary Colours, fighting to the death

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors: Amber with acoustic

Dirty Projectors: Dave

Dirty Projectors: When you're not singing, you're using looking around

Dirty Projectors: Playing Two Doves

Dirty Projectors with Alarms Will Sound

Dirty Projectors: It did not rain

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